The Best Gift Ideas For Kids This Youth Day

Youth Day Gift Ideas For Kids

Before we ‘two’-step into Father’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the innocent, joyful, and excitable kids in our lives that make these guys dads in the first place! That’s right, Youth Day (16 June) is around the corner! And it’s the perfect occasion to spoil those little bundles of joy, toddlers, teens, and grown-up kids with the best Youth Day gift ideas! From teddies and sweet treats to gadgets, clothing, and weird and wonderful sciencey stuff we don’t quite understand ourselves, NetFlorist has all the best gift ideas for kids!

Teddy Basket Kids Backpack Kids Snack Tin

Un-‘bear’-lievable Teddies

Everyone loves a soft, plush, and adorable teddy bear (or any animal, for that matter). But kids especially delight in a plush toy to call their own! Whether it’s a roaring lion or a bright pink flamingo, NetFlorist offers teddy gifts for all types of children. Spoil them with a personalised teddy that has their name on it, a teddy hamper, or even a teddy and chocolate gift set for a precious present. They’ll have these plush gifts by their sides for their whole lives – when they need their teddies to protect them from what’s under the bed as little kids all through to when they just can’t seem to put it away as teens.

Teddy Bear Hampers Personalised Teddy Bear Gift For Kids Teddy Bear and Chocolates

Love Them A Choco-‘lot’

What child doesn’t love chocolate? From oh-so-sweet candy jars to ultra-decadent chocolate tins, we have a wide selection of chocolate gifts for kids. Treat your little one or teen to yummy Cadbury chocolate, Nestlé chocolate hat boxes, or even Sally Williams nougat and choccies – perfect for any child with a sweet tooth! Just be prepared for the following sugar rush!

Chocolate Hamper Chocolate Tin Nougat Gift Box

Game-changing Gadget Goodies

After loading your children up with sugar, you might want to give them a bit of a distraction (so you don’t have to stress yourself over their energy high). And what better way to keep them occupied than with a nifty gadget gift? Make their day with new headphones (which also means you don’t need to listen to their horrible music) or what about a laptop or tablet sleeve to protect those expensive electronics from clumsy hands?

headphones online laptop sleeve powerbank

Don’t ‘Sleeve’ It To The Last Minute

Clothing and apparel – every aunt’s, uncle’s, parent’s and grandparent’s go-to gift for children, and for a good reason! Our little fashionistas grow out of their clothing so quickly and yet they always want more due to their ever-evolving style! Keep up with their trends and treat your toddler, tween, or teen to quirky t-shirts and warm personalised gowns. And don’t forget about our baby clothing for your bundle of joy, ranging from onesies to bibs and everything in between.

Girls T-shirt Kiddies Gown Gift Boys T-shirt

Budding Chefs

If your child is a whizz in the kitchen, then they deserve only the best kitchenware from NetFlorist. Whether it’s a kid’s apron and chef’s hat or a printed mug made just for them, these gifts are truly perfect for chefs of all sizes. And, don’t forget to include some taste tests and ingredients from our range of gourmet snacks. Dried fruit and nuts, biltong, and fresh fruit are just the healthy snacks they need. And remember, the more they cook the less you need to!

Personalised Apron Gift Ideas For Kids Dried Fruit and Nuts online Custom Mug

Too Cool For School

Stationery supplies are the school ground currency. Make sure to kit out your children with all the best, top-quality stationery gifts. From labels and personalised lunch boxes to small backpacks, our school supplies will make sure they remain the cool kid and are perfect for anyone who’s stationery obsessed! And, if that wasn’t enough, our stationery is educational too! NetFlorist’s slime kits and dye kits are fun, a great learning tool and just plain awesome for little ones learning all about science and teens wanting to doctor up their wardrobe, 70s style!

Personalised Stickers Slime Kit Personalised Stationery Gift Ideas For Kids

‘Kidding’ Around

Kids are the future and there’s no better way to make them feel loved and appreciated than with a spoil or two every now and then. On Youth Day, our selection of gifts for children is certain to be both a great tool for them and loads of fun. And, who knows, shopping for the perfect treat for your little one, toddler, tween, or teen may bring out your inner kid too!

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