10 Best Gifts For Someone Who’s Stationery-obsessed

Notebook Day Gifts

Did you know, everyone’s favourite stationery appreciation day, National Notebook Day, is on 19 May? Celebrate the occasion the ‘write’ way with your pick from our top 10 gifts for someone who is obsessed with all things stationery! From notebooks and diaries to pens and pencil cases, these spoils are bound to make their day ‘note’-able.

1. ‘Note’-worthy Notebooks  

What could be a better treat for that someone special than an awesome personalised notebook? A notebook from our range of stationery gifts is the perfect present for anyone whose head is always up in the clouds, a writer or anyone struggling to keep all their thoughts in one place. So, why not spoil your loved one with a notebook that has their name on it, a photo memory or a beautiful design they will always hold dear?

Personalised Notebook Notebooks Online Notebooks

2. Legen-‘diary’ Spoils

Do they struggle to keep appointments or forget important dates? Help them keep up to date with the gift of a diary! The ideal way to stay organised, our diaries and planners are both pretty and handy! And, we have both dated and undated diaries, meaning you can choose just the thing your loved one needs. But, let’s be honest, a diary alone is hardly an epic gift. So, don’t be afraid to include one of our awesome mug sets. Our beautiful coffee and tea mugs (filled with strong coffee or tea, of course) will keep them awake throughout all their diarising!

Diary Online 2022 Diary Personalised Diary

3. Save The Date

Some of our friends and family just never seem to know what day it is! So, why not give them a helping hand with a wall calendar for their home office? When they are finally able to keep track of every special occasion, important date and public holiday (or even just regular days), they’re sure to sing your praises! Our personalised calendars come in all shapes and colours, so you can find just the right one for that special someone!

2022 Calendar Wall Calendar Personalised Calendar

4. Stylish Stationery Sets

For those of us who are truly stationery-obsessed, there could be no better gift than a stationery set! Think about it, what could be better than a matching notepad, mouse pad and a notebook? Not much! Personalised and colourful, these sets of stationery supplies are just what they need to add to their collection!

Stationery Sets Online Stationery Sets Online Stationery Set

5. Give Them A Rad Pad

Help them add a touch of their own uniqueness to their home and office with a magnificent mouse pad for their desk. Other than making a computer mouse more comfortable to use, a mouse pad will brighten up their work day. And, what’s more, our mouse pads are made just for them! Whether it has their name on it, a photo of their favourite pet or a special message from you, this is a gift you can’t beat!

Mouse Pad Gift Personalised Mouse Pad Online Mouse Pad

6. Gifting, Done ‘Write’

With their new notebook, diary and calendar, they’ll be needing to spruce up their pen collection, too. Beat them to the punch and spoil them with a brand-new pen. These aren’t just any pens though. Our range of pens are from only the best, high-quality brands, from Parker pens to Oxford pens and more! With such a grand surprise, they’ll certainly be writing up a storm!

Engraved Pen Online Personalised Pen Parker Pen

7. Joyful Journals

If they love putting pen to paper and taking note of every happening, then a journal book is just the thing! Small enough for them to always have on hand, these journals are the ideal present for any occasion! They also come with a very helpful layout, making keeping a journal easier than ever! So, what are you waiting for? Order a journal online and we’ll deliver it right to their door!

Writing Journal Journal Gift Online Journal

8. Give Them Hap-‘pen’-nes

Perhaps it’s their stationery storage solutions that need an upgrade? Any collector of stationery is sure to struggle to keep all their bits and bobs in one place. In which case, a pencil case makes for the perfect gift idea. There is nothing better than a personalised gift, after all!

Pencil Case Online Pencil Case Gift Pencil Bag

9. ‘Book’ Their Spot

If your friend or close family member is an artist rather than a writer, we have just the thing – a sketchbook! The ideal gift for anyone who loves to waste away hours drawing, this delight will inspire them. Our range of sketchpads have such beautiful covers, it’s sure to give them some wonderful sketch ideas!

Artist Sketchbook Online Sketch Book Sketch Pad

10. They’ll ‘Lap’ It Up

If their favourite piece of stationery is, in fact, a laptop, then pens and pencil cases probably won’t make them smile from ear to ear. But not to worry, because our laptop accessories are definitely up to the task! From the coolest gadget gifts to laptop bags and office décor, we have just the thing!

Laptop Carry Bag Tablet Sleeve Laptop Case

Do It ‘Write’

A surprise from our selection of personalised stationery gifts is just what your stationery-obsessed loved one wants for any and all occasions! So ‘scissors’ the opportunity this Notebook Day and spoil them to their heart’s content with our top 10 stationery and office supplies!

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