Best Winter Gifts To Boost Employee Morale

Winter is a season that most people dread purely because of the icy weather. It can be difficult to think on your toes when your fingers and body are cold. That’s why your company should surprise its staff with a gift to help keep them warm and cheerful. Nowadays, spaces need adequate ventilation, which means no heater and grumpy employees. Most people’s moods and energies are down too because they’re focused on keeping the coldness at bay. But don’t lose heart just yet! As a company, you can still make the office or their home office an inviting place to be. It’s as easy as shopping for our best winter gifts to boost employee morale.

If you don’t know already, your workforce is instrumental to the performance of your business. It’s their dedication, their knowledge and their initiatives that keep your business afloat. Employees deserve to be awarded and acknowledged for their efforts all year round and not only at year-end functions. So, sit tight, take out your notebook and jot down these gift ideas for colleagues and employees.

Magnificent mug gifts 

Nothing will inspire your staff to do their best as easily as imparting some words of encouragement. Team meetings are essential to discuss how the company is doing. However, if you acknowledge an individual or a team’s efforts with a thank you gift, you will make them feel valued.  You can never go wrong with surprising them with a personalised mug that has their name on it or a sweet short message. A wonderful mug that says, “You’re the office hero” or, “we think you’re kind of a big deal”, will make any employee feel good about themselves and about the work they do.

But don’t leave your customer-facing workers out in the cold! They’re on the road for half the day and have to face the harsh weather every time they step out of the car or any cosy room. Make their journey more enjoyable by sending a ceramic travel mug their way! Now they’ll be able to take their fave cuppa joe or healthy green tea to heat them up wherever they go!


Personalised mug and mug tube Travel coffee mug as a winter gift to boost employee morale Shop winter gifts online like this personalised mugs online


Terrific tea and coffee treats 

Whether we like it or not, winter is here and work still needs to take place. We all know the importance of jobs and job creation to the economy but, the wellness of employees is equally as important too. So, what can you do to show that you care for your staff and colleagues during this cold season? By spoiling them with delightful treats and coffee gifts of course! Our warm gifts for the office feature top coffee brands like Starbucks and Vida e Caffé which come with creamy chocolate nibbles.

We also have feel-good tea hampers in assorted aromatic flavours that come with crunchy cookies. This will encourage your colleagues and employees to take short breaks throughout the day, so they do not feel overworked. After taking their blissful breaks, they will come back feeling refreshed and refuelled to tackle the day. Plus, hot winter drinks are the best way to warm up their frosty fingers and bodies too!


Coffee and teacoffee hamper as a winter gift

Make their work days worth it

We all have our ups and downs at work, in life too as a matter of fact. But it’s the little things that we do for ourselves or for others that make it worthwhile. Little things such as celebrating employees’ and colleagues’ birthdays at work will let people know that they’re more than just a number. Spoiling new moms, dads and their cute bundle of joy with a baby gift make them feel like they’re part of a caring company. But they’re other ways and gifts to boost employee morale; treat them to freshly baked goodies!

They’re so many reasons that you can use to reward employees and colleagues. You can celebrate their work milestone or the huge contact they just landed with a congratulations cookie gift. You can treat the person who’s good at handling customer complaints with a personalised cupcake that says, “You’re awesome!”. Our online bakery offers sameday delivery, so you can be certain that your top-performing staff will get their gifts today!

Plush presents to keep them warm 

If you’re one of the few cool companies who have a hybrid work model, then we have some thoughtful gifts for employees in store for you!  While it’s easier to get a sense of what you can do to make the office more pleasant, it may be hard to figure out how you can spoil those at home. You’re probably thinking that working from home is already a treat for them, but if they’re remote workers, they may feel isolated from everyone. A way to combat this is by sending them a work from home gifts like a cosy personalised gown or a warm blanket. They will happily get down to business and smile knowing that your company cares about their well-being from miles away!


winter gifts to boost employee morale

Don’t let your company culture dry out this winter season. Keep things fresh and exciting with our wonderful winter gift guide for the office. It’s easy to get into the winter slump and want to postpone things for a later stage.  But your company can’t relax or else your competitors will have one up on you. If your work culture is cold and not considerate of your employee’s needs, you will lose your top talent to other companies. So, keep everyone energised and appreciated with a heart-warming spoil that shows you truly value them.

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