Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day: The Ultimate Superman

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Super Dad And Girl

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a Father’s Day and Superman Day mash-up of gifts for the ultimate superman! The day for Dad is coming up on 19 June. And, Superman Day is on 12 June! This got us thinking about all the things that make daddies superheroes. He protects us, cares for us, shows us the proper path, and always inspires us. He does all these things just like Superman. But, what makes him the ultimate superhero? Well, Clark Kent is blessed with some pretty nifty abilities that the average person could only dream of. It’s easy to save the day if you have superhuman strength, Dads do amazing things with NO superpowers whatsoever. In the spirit of i-‘Junes,’ we’re feeling Ari D’s lyrics: ‘Papa. I don’t have to signal you… Anything I dream I can achieve. Cuz Superman’s my dad!’

Dads can change a nappy one-handed while simultaneously dealing with the attitude of a 14-year-old. Dads reply patiently to a question they’ve been asked 1000 times. The ‘Man of Steel’ himself, would be sulking in The Fortress of Solitude before you could say ‘Kapow!’ Now, you may be wondering, how do you gift the ultimate Superman this Father’s Day? With NetFlorist, of course. That doesn’t mean you have to get him a red cape, and underwear to wear over his pants. Whether Pop is a ‘super snacker’, or ‘super sentimental’, we have some superb spoils for all Dad-types. From your husband who is a real-life superhero, to your friend who is expecting a new baby – prepare to leave them flying faster than the speed of light… with happiness.

For The Super On-the-move Dad

The dad you know may not have super strength, super speed, or regenerative healing. Still, he knows how to work up a sweat at the gym, or just doing life! If he’s working on his, well, ‘Dad bod’, look no further than our activewear gifts! After a sweaty workout, he’ll enjoy sipping from an aluminium water bottle to keep him hydrated. He’ll also have plenty of space to store his workout essentials with our super-cool gym bags and backpacks. It has plenty of pockets for storing odds and ends he may need. And, even if he’s just taking it easy during a rest day, our personalised gym T-shirts are perfect.

There’s no need to play it by ear! We know an on-the-go Dad would also appreciate the functionality and easy use of our headphones! For Dads who also love gadgets, our high-tech headphones are a perfect gift for Father’s Day. And what about something to leave him smelling ‘scent’-sational? Our colognes for Dad are just what he needs to keep him feeling fresh after a day of commuting, work, and everything else that Dads do daily! After all, he isn’t able to fly over traffic like other superheroes! So, he may not be saving citizens from burning buildings or battling his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, but school runs are tough too (if not more, we might add). While Superman may not need a fragrance gift help to mask the sweat, super dads sure do!

Best Dad BackpackWireless EarbudsDad Bod TShirt

For The Super Stressed Dad

Between work, giving pony rides, helping with homework, and the myriad of other tasks that can run a Daddy down, these guys do get super stressed. It may not be dealing with ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow,’ but hey, domestic struggles take their toll, too! And, who said Dads can’t enjoy some pampering! Allow him to luxuriate in our personalised gowns after a shower or just while making breakfast. If he isn’t a fan of cold mornings, he’ll go crazy for this cosy number that’ll keep him oh-so-warm. The best part? It can be personalised with his name. And, yes, a pair of socks tends to get a bad rap when it comes to gifting. But we think all fathers will really appreciate one less stress (i.e. not having to match pairs in the morning!)

Talking about practical, toiletry bags! Dad will be able to keep everything, from grooming essentials to medication, easily accessible and contained inside an otherwise unruly bathroom. We know Dad (and his partner) would likely appreciate a little streamlining assistance this Father’s Day. Our travel bags are roomy like his favourite pair of cargo shorts, at times waterproof (a real game-changer), and, most importantly, built to last. And, if you’re still looking for gifts that will bring comfort and bath-time bliss to his everyday life, look no further than our bath and body range. Help a dad get the rest and relaxation he needs with self-care gifts that he will love! Our bath gift sets have everything he could need for a bit of TLC.

Personalised Super Dad GownDad Toiletry BagSuper Dad Socks

For The Super Snacker Dad 

Munchies! We all love and need them for a quick burst of between-meal energy, especially Dad. In fact, if there’s one superpower he definitely has, that would be the power to consume vast amounts of snacks! So, if you’re hoping to give him something that he will definitely use, a gourmet snack gift is always a good idea. And, biltong for Dad is first on our list. Dads love meat, but not all of them enjoy cooking. So, grab him a biltong hamper to save him the hassle! These non-perishable provisions are perfect for his occasional fishing trip, or midnight snack. And what about a biltong cutter? This is the ultimate accessory for the dad who’s happiest when he’s got a pile of cured meat to slice. Plus, you could always add in a sneaky fine alcohol gift to pair perfectly.

For the dads with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate gift! Plus, our personalised options will make it clear you’ve planned ahead. With our mix of crates and hat boxes, there’s definitely enough to share, if Dad is feeling generous. But we wouldn’t blame him for wanting to keep this stash for himself. For something a little more filling, our baked goods from the best bakery in Johannesburg, are sure to be a ‘batch’ made in heaven! With cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more – you’ll ‘bake’ his day! So whether you’re taking your dad out, or having a Superman movie marathon on the couch with some nibbles, we hope you get to enjoy some quality time!

Super Dad Biltong TubePersonalised CupcakesSuper Hero Dad Hat Box

For The Super Gardener Dad

In case you didn’t know, Superman receives his energy from the sunlight. He can go days without food and water, but he could lose his powers without energy from the sun. The more he sunbathes the more powerful he becomes. As far as certain fan theories go, basically, he’s a plant. LOL. So, what better gift could there be for dads come Superman Day and Father’s Day, than our green plants! Whether he has a full-on green thumb, or he’s just getting into it, our succulents and cacti are an unbe-‘leaf’-able option. Succulent gifts can be a constant reminder of your love since they’re so hard to kill and can be placed just about anywhere.

If Dad prefers things on the ‘blooming’ side, why not get him a flowering plant instead? And, yes, Dads deserve flowers too! Whether he’s into bright and bold colours like yellows, oranges, purples, and reds, or he likes it pastel, we’ve got him covered. From unique keepsakes to desk plants, we have ‘plant’-astic plants to brighten Dad’s day! If you’re having trouble deciding what to order, our top Father’s Day plants include tulips, anthuriums, and sunflowers. A surprise flower or plant delivery is the perfect way to show your love with a gift for Father’s Day!

My Hero Dad SucculentBest Dad Ever BonsaiHero Dad Areca Palm

For The Super Sentimental Dad

Every superhero has an ‘Achilles heel.’ Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive – Superman is almost indestructible. But confront him with Kryptonite, and he immediately loses his powers. Dads may seem TOTALLY invincible – in the eyes of their kids. But, even our ultimate superman has a weakness: he’s a big softy at heart! Yup, a sentimental gift will always steal this superman’s heart even when he swears he doesn’t need a thing. Express your love and appreciation by giving him one of our personalised Father’s Day gifts. If Dad tears up at the thought of grandkids’ first school photo, make it easy for him to display with personalised home décor like a photo tile, or canvas.

But just because these picks are more personal doesn’t mean they aren’t practical for day-to-day use as well. In fact, they do both! Dads can use a personalised beer mug to hold a brew, and simultaneously remind him of the super dad he is. A stunning photo frame can furnish his man cave and hold special memories. And, a personalised chopping board can help him dice onions with ease for a celebratory family dinner. The only thing left to do is an emotional dive deep with a heartfelt greeting card for Dad. So, show him how much you love him (and his softy-self) with the perfect gift that’s just as special as him.

Best Dad Ever Glass TileSuper Dad Chopping BoardMy Hero Greeting Card

Whether you see the big guy every day or live thousands of kilometers apart, you can still pull at his heartstrings with super gifts for Father’s Day! He may be claiming that he already has everything he needs (the mark of a true hero!) But we believe that after everything he’s done for you, he deserves something extraordinary! After all, isn’t raising children the most exciting, and ultimately, the most heroic quest of all! These gifts work for any dad— your own, a seasoned grandpa, or even your spouse (with a card signed by your kids, of course). So, pick the perfect prezzie for the parental hero in the family, and have it delivered with our nationwide delivery!

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