How Birthday Cards Can Assist With Employee Retention

Employee retention is the golden key to a successful, productive, and importantly, a happy company. Strive to be this company, and you’ll be swamped with passionate and dedicated employees who love what they do. It’s no secret that workplace culture is a major retention factor. Although everyone wants to be the Google of company cultures, it’s as easy as playing to your own brand’s strengths. Big or small, any act of kindness can boost your employee retention. Here at NetFlorist, we’ve tapped into what we know best – celebrating occasions! So, take note, because we’re spilling the ‘blooms’ on how birthday cards can assist with employee retention.

Hip Hip Hooray It’s Your Employee’s Birthday

Studies have shown that companies who value their employees have both a positive workplace culture and a strong team morale. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done on that project’ can really make an employee feel appreciated. But appreciation doesn’t have to end there. By celebrating personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and new bundles of joy, you show your staff that you’re invested in more than the success of the company – you’re also invested in them!

During pre-Covid times many companies typically celebrated birthdays and special occasions with a team get together. This would either have happened in the office or even outside the office, such as a celebratory lunch or meal. At NetFlorist, we were no different. We celebrated employee birthdays by eating cake and snacks together as a team and saying a speech to the celebrated person. They could also randomly pick a prize from our birthday jar. From ‘be the boss for a day’, ‘choose the radio station for a day’, or ‘leave 15 minutes early on a random day’.

Currently our team works in a hybrid workplace environment, with three days in the office and two at home. However, that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating birthdays. Employees receive a small gift and a birthday card that is signed with a special message from each team member. Additionally, the employee can take a half day leave on this special occasion!

Rainbow birthday cardHappy Birthday name cardHappy Birthday to you card

It’s The Gesture That Counts

In our case, birthday cards are the appreciative and celebratory tokens that make our employees feel valued. When someone receives a card that is filled with heartfelt messages from their co-workers it ignites a sense of belonging. This thoughtful gesture also strengthens employee relationships and ultimately the workplace culture as a whole.

Your company might have different ways of doing things. But, if increasing employee retention is on your list of objectives, consider jumping on the birthday bandwagon. Find a gifting niche that fits your brand and start celebrating your employees. Regardless if you choose flowers, baked goods, or a sentimental personalised gift, ensure that it sincerely communicates your appreciation. You will soon see how this gesture can improve your employee engagement, morale, and retention!

Need some gifting inspiration? Our birthday or corporate presents might be exactly what’s missing from your retention strategy. So, be sure to give our website a browse!

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