It’s as easy as…

Leaders in the game know that the work put into retaining a customer is worth its weight in gold. Research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention will typically boost profits by between 25-29% (Source: Bain & Company). If a business loses a customer after an unbe-‘leaf’-ably bad experience with the brand, the company would’ve wasted approximately seven times the resources used to convert them!

Most companies’ think that few complaints means that their customer service ‘kicks bud’. In reality most companies only receive negative feedback from about 4% of unhappy customers (Source: Bain & Company).  Customer service presents the ultimate chance for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. How can a company effectively differentiate themselves from their competitors? We have a ‘card’ up our sleeves: turn up the human touch with NetFlorist’s greeting cards!

A surprise greeting card from NetFlorist will help you nurture your relationship with your customers. A successful business is built on trust. And trust can be built by creating and maintaining a customer relationship that keeps the human connection at the forefront. You can send marketing emails day in and day out, but sending a personal greeting card takes the customer relationship building to a-whole-nother level! Curate a personalised message for loyal customers and by going above and beyond, they’ll see that your company truly appreciates and values them! Adding that human touch by connecting individually with customers won’t only be a welcomed surprise, but will also keep your name in the forefront and remind them of your products and services.


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