May Birth Flower: Lily

May birth month flower: lily of the valley

It’s no secret that May is notorious for its sizzling hot and icy cold weather in South Africa. But this particular month is also home to the May birth month flower, lily! Every single month has an extraordinary birth flower dedicated to it. This means you have the perfect opportunity to make every birthday incredib-‘lily’ special! What better way to celebrate the May babies in your life than with a floral gift that’s as unique as them? We have the most fragrant and freshest selection of lily flowers to buy online. All you have to do is choose the colour that best captures their personality or the message you want to express.

 The symbolism of the May birth flower

Most birth flower origins are from Greek mythology and May is no exception. May is named after Maia, the goddess of spring, who resembles growth as most flowers bloom during this month. The May birth flower, lily of the valley, is a flowering plant with dainty tiny blooms grouped together. It has a mesmerising scent which symbolises a sweet personality. It has adorable bell-shaped petals that sprout facing downwards, which symbolises humility. Its precious and pristine white petals symbolise purity, which is why they’re commonly used in bridal bouquets at weddings too!

While this flower may be popular in other parts of the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t share the joy in South Africa! Lilies are truly remarkable and versatile flowers. They are rich in symbolic meaning and are available in many forms, colours and arrangements. The most popular lily colours are white, pink, yellow and orange. Pink lilies represent wealth and prosperity. The yellow lilies represent good health and healing and the orange stands for happiness and warmth. So, your birthday wishes to a May baby can include wholesome messages like good health and happiness!

Make her birthday a-‘May’-zing!

Birthdays don’t have to be boring and predictable, especially when you have access to South Africa’s largest online gifting store, NetFlorist! Besides, we’re pretty sure that your special someone, friend or mother isn’t too familiar with the concept of birth month flowers. This means that you can really impress them with a lily bouquet that’s truly one-of-a-kind, just like them! Make their eyes sparkle with delight at the sight of our stunning stargazer lilies or admirable asiflorum lilies perched inside a vase. Don’t stop there though! Pair your birthday gift for her with a relaxing bath and body hamper like bath bombs and room diffusers. Or compliment her bubbly personality with a refreshingly sweet bottle of champagne and chocolates. It’s the perfect way to please all their senses: eyes, nose and taste buds!

Gifts that will A-‘May’-ze him too!

We have birthday gifts for men too! ‘Sow’ them how much your love grows for them with our classical asiatic lily plants. Nurturing this gift will be the same act as cherishing the bond that the two of you share together! These plant gifts go best with our scrumptious savoury snacks like dried fruit and nuts, biltong and our biltong slicers for sale in South Africa.  Every birthday celebration can be a-‘May’-zing when you put a bit of thought and effort into it. We have so many unique gifts for everyone in your life, so you will never run out of ideas.

Go on and surprise your best buddy, workmate or sweetheart with our love-‘lily’ birthday spoils. Whether it’s their birth month flower or something they’ve been eyeing for months, their face will light up and their heart will smile when they open up your thoughtful gift! Everyone deserves to be happy on their birthday and NetFlorist makes it easy with its sameday nationwide gift delivery service.

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