April Birth Flower: Daisy


As we enter the new month, we welcome a new season and the April birth flower, the daisy! After April fools some of you might be thinking that we’re ‘pollen’ your leg, but nope, birth flowers are very much real and blossoming. If this is your first time coming across the concept of a birth month flower, then pop over to our January blog post for a quick crash course. Or continue reading to discover more about this month’s birth flower!

The Symbolism of April Birth Flower: Daisies

The symbolism of daisies dates back to ancient mythology. In Norse mythology, the daisy was said to be a sacred flower to the goddess Freya. Freya was the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. This might explain why the daisy is today seen as a symbol of innocence, joy, new beginnings, and even motherhood. That said, the symbolism of a daisy does change depending on the colour of the flower.

White daisies represent purity and innocence and are typically included in wedding bouquets. They are also sent as a congratulations gift when a new baby is born! Red and pink daisies symbolise passion and love, yellow daisies symbolise cheerfulness and friendship, and orange daisies symbolise warmth and joy.

Now that you know this nifty information, you can confidently send some yellow daisies to your friend on their birthday, and some red and pink daisies to your crush on Valentine’s Day. But don’t mix up your symbolic flower colours because we don’t want any whoopsie daisies!

Yellow and white spraysBouquet of colourful spraysSprays in love pot

What Your Birth Flower Says About Your Personality

Just like humans, flowers have different personalities, and the two often overlap! If your birth flower is a daisy, your personality is likely to be just as bright as these little sunshine buds. April babies are known for being adventurous, cheerful, optimistic, and are extremely loyal friends! This perfectly fits the daisy flower which closes its petals at night and opens it again at dawn to follow the sunlight during the day.

Make Their Birth-‘day’-sie Unforgettable

If your friend or loved one’s birthday is coming up in April, then make their birthday as cheerful as them. The best way to do this is by showering them with birthday gifts galore! The first thing on your list should be a bouquet or arrangement that is made up of daisies. After all, everyone deserves to receive their birth flower on their birthday. Then add some goodies to complement their optimistic personality! What about some colourful cupcakes or emoji doughnuts to ‘bake’ their day? Or you can send them a mug or T-shirt that has been personalised with their favourite feel good quote! Don’t forget to add a birthday card that they can treasure forever.

Colourful birthday cupcakesPersonalised mugBirthday card

Every April baby deserves to be celebrated for the special person that they are. So, ‘sow’ all the ‘daisies’ how well you know them by sending them thoughtful gifts from NetFlorist. Doing this will guarantee that you live up to their special birth flower, and will make their birthday unbe -‘leaf’-ably memorable this year!




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