January Birth Flower: Carnations

January Birth Flower: Carnations

The New Year is officially in full ‘bloom’ and so is the January birth flower: carnations. January shouldn’t be a time where you rain on their parade by holding back on your gifting generosity! One of your New Year’s goals should be to show your loved ones, close colleagues or friends that you still care about them. What better way to express your thoughtfulness than with a truly unique and beautiful present from NetFlorist’s online gift store that delivers sameday.

January babies already have a lot to Jan-u-‘worry’ about, but their birthday gift and a birthday celebration shouldn’t be one of them! Be the one person to put a smile on their face when you order their birthday flower for delivery to their doorstep. Plus, there’s absolutely no need for you to run amok in search of floral arrangements at the last minute. NetFlorist has a budding array of yellow, white or red carnations online available all year round that you can spoil them with!


What’s a birth month flower?

You’re probably sitting there wondering ‘what in ‘carnations’ is a birth month flower’ and ‘what’s the significance behind them’? Well, you know those horoscopes you guiltily glance at the end of a newspaper or magazine hoping to find out what your future holds?  A birth flower has a similar function but not fortune-telling abilities though. It signifies the personality traits and essence of a person born in a particular month of the year. It’s just like the 12 zodiac signs we so proudly wear as a badge of honour (or use to hide behind as an excuse for our ‘odd’ behaviour).

The idea of birth flowers is said to have started in ancient Roman times. When birthdays were being celebrated, gorgeous fresh flowers were used to decorate the altars of Roman gods and were given as birthday gifts! Thank the gods for initiating such a fun gift-giving practice! A few centuries later, the concept of the language of flowers emerged. People started using flowers to send messages to their lovers without breaking the laws surrounding public displays of affection. Today, a bouquet of flowers for sameday delivery is used to convey all types of sentiments like: ‘I’m thinking of you’, ‘happy birthday’ and ‘I’m so sorry’.


The symbolism of the January birth flower

Carnations were chosen as the January birth flower because it was one of the few flowers that thrived during the colder winter months in parts around the world. Don’t be alarmed though, these carnations available online adore the South African sun and enjoy the indoors and outdoors. Now let’s get to the ‘root’ of what these flowers say about you or your fellow January babies.

These fabulous fringed flowers come in a variety of colours, each having a different meaning attached to it. The common colours are red, pink and white flowers. The red carnations symbolise admiration and love. The white carnations symbolise innocence/purity, and remembrance and are widely used as wedding flowers. The pink blooms are more related to a mother’s love and affection which makes them the ideal Mother’s Day flowers to give on 8 May 2022. So, it can be said that people born in January are loyal and resilient people. There are also people who love deeply and passionately. Would you agree?

mixed carnations January birth flower - white January Birth Flower - Pink


Hooray it’s their birthday

If you’re in search of a sentimental and symbolic birthday gift for her, you should step on the ‘petal’ and head over to our online gift shop to shop our beautiful range of fresh carnations for sale. Just like an exciting sports ‘car’-nation, this ruffled and radiant flower will drive her crazy! Take their birthday present from ‘aww that’s so cute’ to ‘OMG that’s so amazing’ when you include a dazzling piece of jewellery. The jewellery gift shouldn’t be just any charming item; it should be a charm that has their birthstone in it! Make their eyes sparkle and their hearts flutter with delight when you add their January birthstone – red garnet – to their collection of presents. Trust us, if you do this ‘jewel’ be their most favourite person in the world!

Don’t Be Generic

The time of sending generic gifts is over! People love getting gifts that show you really thought about it. It’s the fact that you saw something that best reflected them that makes it special. It’s how you put so much effort into finding the gift that they were eyeing. It’s how you knew which gift to get would make their birthday a joyous celebration that they’ll truly appreciate.

Don’t forget to write your heartfelt birthday wishes inside one of our personalised birthday cards available online. It’s the final touch to make any gift much more special. Posting an ‘HBD’ message on their Facebook wall is so 2010! Besides, our range of greeting cards in South Africa is as exciting and cool as the birthday present you get them.

personalised birthday card in South Africa personalised birthday card in South Africa personalised birthday card in South Africa


So next time you really want to impress them, consider getting them a ‘scent’-imental gift like a birth month flower. They look amazing, smell divine and carry a special meaning that they could relate to. Whether you get them pretty pink carnations or a wonderful mix of hues, there’s a bunch they’ll absolutely love! Hurry along now. Mark your calendar, set a reminder or do whatever you need to do! Just make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to make them feel special on their birthday.

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