Describe Your A-‘May’-zing Mom And We’ll Tell You Which Gifts She’ll Adore!

Happy Mother's Day

She’s the ear that always listens, the hug that makes all worries disappear, and the smile that can cheer you up in a second. Yes, there is no one quite like your mom! Mother’s Day is coming up on the 8th of May and it’s the perfect occasion to let your special mom know just how much she means to you. What better way to do that than to surprise her with a unique gift? At NetFlorist we know that gifts are one of the best ways to treasure someone you love, which is why we have curated a range of Mother’s Day gifts that are ‘mom’-point! There is something for every type of mom, so impress her and send a gift that will warm her heart. Are you ready to get nominated for the best child of the year award? Then read on and find the perfect present for your a-‘May’-zing mom.

If Mom Has Green Fingers

Does your mom have a luscious, perfectly tended garden, filled with plants and flowers that will make your local botanical gardens look inferior? Is she always watering, weeding, or fertilizing her plant babies? We also bet she often strolls around the garden just for fun and can revive any plant that you might or might not have killed. If this sounds like your mom, you can’t go wrong with a plant gift!

Our ‘plant’-astic gifts include everything from beautiful orchids and bonsais to succulents. Or you can surprise her with tulips and the most stunning Mother’s Day flowers that she’ll ever set her eyes on. Take it or ‘leaf’ it but adding another beauty to her plant collection will score you some serious points towards becoming the best child of the year.

Mother's Day tulipsMother's Day bonsaiMother's Day orchid

If Mom Can Cook Like A Chef

Do your friends always dish up seconds (or thirds) when eating your mom’s food? Could your mom give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money? Well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a chef-mom! She can turn any meal into a feast. She always packs the best lunch box snacks and overfeeding people is her way of expressing ‘hummus’ she loves them! If this ‘pear’-fectly describes her, then spoil her with a delightful homeware gift!

From ‘cutting’-edge chopping boards to personalised aprons we have presents that she will adore. If you want to go all out and treat Mom to something spectacular, then surprise her with a Le Creuset or Maxwell & Williams gift. It might just guarantee that you receive home cooked meals sent to your doorway for a lifetime!

Wooden chopping boardPersonalised ladies apronLe Creuset mugs

If Mom Is A Boss Lady

Is your a-‘May’-zing mom always on the go and a pro at multitasking? Is she able to punctually do the school run and work in a quick power walk all before her 9 am meeting? If she ticks these boxes, then she is definitely a boss lady! She taught you to work hard and be independent but is also the first person who is game for any fun activity. You simply have no option but to make her Mother’s Day wishes come true this year! Her competitive side will be very disappointed if you don’t win the best child of the year award, so make it count.

We bet she loves a good cup of coffee, so a travel mug will be right up her alley. Even though she is as organised as can be, a new journal or calendar can never hurt. A stylish laptop bag will also make her smile from ear to ear! Or browse through our range of stationery gifts for something as ‘mum’-believable as her.

Travel mugNote setLaptop bag

If Mom Enjoys Her ‘Me Time’  

Can your mom spend hours in the bath, relaxing after a long day? Does she often quietly disappear to her favourite cosy corner of the house to read a good book? Then she definitely loves her ‘me time’! Whether she enjoys pampering herself or rewatching Grey’s Anatomy for the tenth time, we’ve got gifts that will make Mom’s ‘me time’ so worthwhile.

Our luxurious bath and body gifts include everything from hampers to gowns and diffusers. We’re sure she won’t say no to a tea and coffee gift to enjoy whilst reading her book. Of course, she will want some gourmet snacks to munch on when watching series! So go ahead and spoil her because she deserves it.

Bath and body hamperLadies gownSnack box

No two moms are exactly the same, but one thing is certain, all moms are a-‘May’-zing! By shopping online with NetFlorist you can find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your a-‘May’-zing mom, and let her know just how much she means to you. What are you waiting for? You’ve got the best child of the year award to win!


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