Gifts For The Dad Who Wants Nothing

Father and son

Dads. Aren’t they just some of the most generous and kind-hearted individuals on the planet? They provide for us, spoil us, and are always the ones who are rooting for us. Like all true heroes, fathers really will do anything to see their loved ones happy, and they expect nothing in return. But we think it’s about time ‘dad’ we spoil them! Our range of unique gifts has something for every type of dad, and it might just make him happier than South Africa’s 2019 Rugby World Cup win. So, sit back, relax, and read on to find out all about gifts for the dad who wants nothing.

For The Active Dad

Is your dad’s resting heart rate close to that of a well-trained athlete? Does he enjoy exercising and staying in shape? If you answered yes to one or both questions, your dad can be classified as an active dad! Active dads are usually great at pumping up their loved ones, and now it’s time to return the enthusiasm with some fitness gifts.

Our fitness gifts include everything from activewear to water bottles, so go all out and surprise dad with an updated gym kit! Considering that he’s probably still using the same gym bag that he bought in the 80s, make sure to include a fresh, personalised sports bag in your gift basket. Even though there is no doubt about the fact that he is a lean machine we all know that dieting is not a piece of cake. Be sure to add something sweet to his gift, like delicious doughnuts or a tin filled with chocolates, because dad also deserves a cheat day!

Mens gym shirtWater bottle giftSports bag

For The Dapper Dad

If your father is a snappy dresser, then he definitely classifies as a dapper dad! Apart from keeping up with the latest fashion trends, dapper dads tend to also have a great taste in gifts. He might not admit it, but a tasteful gift will score you some serious brownie points. Luckily for you, our range of luxurious gifts for him never disappoints.

Keep it neat with a fine bottle of whiskey, that he can enjoy after a long day. Or spoil him with his favourite bottle of cologne – now that’s a ‘scent’-sational gift! If you want to give him something that will last a lifetime, surprise him with a genuine leather Polo wallet. It will make him feel like the classy king he is! Like all other fathers, dapper dads also put their loved one’s needs before their own. But the time has come for you to treat him with a gift that is worthy of his praise, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

Jameson whiskeyKarl Lagerfeld colognePolo leather wallet

For The Gadget Dad

Does your dad own more gadgets and tech products than the average Generation Z individual? Is his alter ego Elon Musk? Then he must be a gadget dad! Shopping for a gadget dad might seem daunting (especially if he already has every imaginable gadget), but don’t fear because our gadget gifts are out of this world.

Gadget dads typically fall into one of two categories. The handyman gadget dad and the tech gadget dad. Handyman gadget dads tend to keep themselves busy with any and every DIY home or garden project! If this sounds like your dad, consider sending him a personalised multitool gift. Personalised gifts are the way to go, and this gift will guarantee that you ‘nail it’. We also have some amazing gadget gift ideas for tech gadget dads! A powerbank will ensure that he always stays connected even in the darkest of times. Or surprise him with new headphones so that he can watch tech review videos without being disturbed.


For The 5AM Dad

Last but not least we have the 5am dad. These fathers like to maximize their morning productivity by either waking up early to work, preparing their minds for their workday, or traveling for work. Every 5am dad deserves two special gifts – a custom mug and some aromatic coffee!

Our range of mugs really are ‘mug’-nifficent because they contain some awesome printing. This means that you can personalise dad’s mug with his name, a family photo, or a personal message of your choice. If dad ticks the ‘travelling a lot for work’ box, then a travel mug gift is a must! Our range of travel mugs will not only benefit dad but also the environment, because they are plastic-free. These eco-friendly travel mugs can be reused and won’t end up on a landfill or in the ocean as many normal plastic mugs do. Plastic-free travel mugs are also great for dad’s budget because he can simply make coffee at home instead of buying a coffee on the go, plus these mugs have better heat retention so his coffee will stay hot for longer. Choose between a stylish ceramic or glass travel mug to make his day ‘tea’-riffic!

Tin and coffeeMugTravel mug

If you ever thought that your dad doesn’t want anything, think again, because our gifts for dad are just that great! Regardless of his personality, interests, and hobbies, NetFlorist will make sure that you find the perfect gift to make him smile.



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