Work From Home Day Must-haves

Work From Home Day falls on 24 June this year. This occasion is all about celebrating the amazing technological innovations which allow us to work from home! Not to mention that working from home is something that a lot of us are all too familiar with at the moment. Even some of us from The NetFlorist Bunch have been working from home! While it has its perks, working from home can also be lonely, just think there’s no water cooler gossip, no colleagues to share ideas or biscuits with, and a lot less structure to the day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the work from home essentials that you or loved one (or maybe even colleague) need to have in order to be productive, focused and of course, happy!

Work From Home plants

1. A Desk Plant

Never underestimate the effects of having a good house plant! In fact, indoor plants have been proven to boost moods, concentration and to stimulate creative thinking. That means by having one of these green babies on your desk, you’re guaranteed to be more productive. Take your pick from our vast range of indoor pot plants and get ready to ‘leaf’ your stress behind.

Work form home desk essentials

We highly recommend spathiphyllums, otherwise known as peace lilies. These lovely flowering plants make the best desk companions as they are one of the top air-filtering plants and they can grow in moderate light. They are also just exceptionally beautiful to look at, and just like their name suggests, they will make you feel peaceful and serene while working. African violets are another exceptional desk plant! These beautiful plants are known for their purple-coloured flowers and they are also super hardy, making them wonderful work companion for those who don’t have the greenest of thumbs.

2. A White Board Or Desk Set

There’s nothing quite like a visual reminder to keep you focused and stimulated whilst the neighbour’s dog is barking or the kids are fighting. Our range of glass reminder whiteboards not only come in a number of stunning designs, but they’re also really practical. Simply write down important tasks, or a to-do list with a whiteboard marker and then erase it when you’re done.

Another lovely way to get ‘set’ up for success is with a stylish desk set! These sets come with everything you need to stay up to date and on top of your work load. That includes; weekly planners, notebooks and mouse pads. Talk about ‘set’-sational stuff!

Work from home necessities

3. An Amazing Mug

What’s a tea or coffee break if you don’t have an exceptional mug to enjoy your cuppa in? A mug is an absolute desk essential in our books, because in order to mimic your normal office environment you have to have a copious amounts of tea and coffee breaks. Trust us, it’s important to stretch those legs and stay hydrated (but more importantly caffeinated) while you take on the daily grind.

Choose from a vast selection of mugs that are sure to encourage you to create ‘cup’-tivating work. Whether you like a personalised mug that has your name on it or a stylish ombré one from Le Creuset, we have the right one for you!

Oh, and did we mention that we also have tea and coffee? From Starbucks and Vida e Caffè filter coffee to Toni tea sets and even Nestlé hot chocolate, you’re guaranteed to find something to tantalise your taste buds and to keep you going and motivated during the work day. Check our more winter warmers here.

4. A Gorgeous Gown

Let’s drop the pretences, no one works in a suit or dress when they’re at home. In fact, being able to wear comfortable clothes is probably the biggest win when it comes to working from home. Thus, a luxurious gown is an absolute essential! We have personalised gowns in just about every colour. Once you have one of these gowns, you definitely won’t want to take it off for anything. Not for your latest NetFlorist delivery or even your Zoom meeting!

work from home essentials

Another must-have to go with your new gown is a pair of personalised socks, because there’s nothing worse than getting cold feet! There’s loads of delightful designs to choose from that will keep you warm and snug. This includes a range of Happy Socks, which will make you dance with glee. Trust us, it’s ‘toe’-tally worth it!

5. A Perfect Pair Of Headphones

When the distractions become too much or you just want to be able to hear what your boss is saying clearly on your phone call, there’s nothing more essential than a pair of personalised headphones. These work from home necessities are truly a life-saver in many situations. Plus, they can be personalised with your name and an awesome design of your choice! You could even say you’re ‘heading’ for success. Other than just calls, these handy headphones are great for listening to your favourite podcast or a motivational song to give you the push you need to finish the day on a high note!

We also recommend the ‘coolest’ desk fridges! That way you can keep all of you snacks and beverages cold and on-hand. It’s especially good if you need to try and convince yourself to stay put at your desk and avoid the endless trips to your real fridge for a mindless fridge raid!

Make Work From Home Day 2021, and any day you work from home, a success with these fantastic must-haves! We’re telling you, once you get your hands on these epic essentials, working from home will be an absolute breeze!

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