How To Choose A Corporate Year-end Gift

Hear, hear! Your business made it to the end of the year! This is no small feat, especially in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It took the tireless contribution of your entire team, as well as the growing relationships you have with your clients. ‘Business as usual’ isn’t an expression we’ve heard used a lot these past two years. And, with many businesses choosing to be on the safe side with no year-end functions, the unusual circumstances call for unique corporate year-end gift ideas to soften the blow! The bottom line is that the people who’ve poured endless time and energy into helping your company succeed this year deserve special corporate year-end gifts to show how much you value them! But how do you know what, exactly, the ‘right’ corporate year-end gift is?

Selecting meaningful corporate year-end gifts can be a challenge! And, if you’re wondering how to choose a corporate year-end gift that makes a lasting impression this year ­- there is a method to the madness! This requires you to know the recipient as an individual, maintain the company budget, and strike-a-balance between thoughtful and useful – all while remaining professional! From practical desk accessories to products that pamper (and yes, a few specific work-from-home gift ideas), there’s something here for every price range and personality. We mean zero ‘funny business’ when we say that choosing the perfect corporate year-end gift is as easy as one, two, three, with our ‘how-to’ guide!

Step 1: Know your Recipient

Knowing what gifts to get for who is arguably the biggest challenge of the gifting process. You don’t want to give them a gift they won’t like, after all! So, the first step is to consider their interests. Think about your relationship with the employee or client. Consider what you know about them — their hobbies, interests, passions, and what drives them. This will help you pick the perfect corporate gift for them — whether it’s a gadget gift, gourmet food gift, or even a corporate greeting card gift.

Knowing your Employees

Corporate year-end gifts for employees are all about making your team feel supported and appreciated like they’re part of the family. Chances are, you probably know your colleagues or employees pretty well already. So you know that your team is made up of individuals who all like different things! Sorry to break it to you, but a one-size-fits-all, generic corporate gift basket just won’t cut it.

Help coffee-holic co-workers combat a case of the Mondays (or that super slow midweek slump) with a happy dose of corporate coffee gifts or even a fitting travel mug gift. If they’re not big on caffeine, they can fill their reusable travel mug with tea or water anytime they need a pick-me-up. And, if your team is still working from home, help everyone feel a little em-‘power’-ered with gadget gifts that will make remote work more comfortable. The ‘power’ of a good pair of headphones cannot be overstated or even a ‘cool’ desk fridge!

We’re all guilty of keeping a stash of desk snacks, and for your officemate who always keeps candy out for the taking on her desk, we’ve got just the thing – a snack tin! Upgrade their 14:00 snack break with dried fruit and nuts, chocolates, and more. Or, remind everyone on your team that striking a great work-life balance is more important than ever with corporate bath and body gifts such as eye masks, luxurious gowns, or ‘scent’-sational candle gifts.

Headphones Corporate GiftTravel Mug Corporate GiftPower Bank Corporate Gift

Knowing your Clients

While employees can be a bit easier to get to know, it can be difficult to know your clients on a personal level in many cases. But, you want your client to feel like they’re a VIP. Corporate client gifts are all about strengthening the business relationship and making sure you’re always top of mind when they need you. It’s important to take the time to research your client and try to find a corporate gift that is relevant and practical for their professional or personal lives.

If you’re looking for a corporate plant gift for a green-thumbed client, a succulent or cacti is a trendy desk accessory that will brighten your client’s day. It will also remind them of the ‘growth’ you can achieve together! Plus, succulents don’t require much water or maintenance, keeping things easy for years to come. And, if they always ‘happen’ to schedule meetings during happy hour, they’ll sure think our fine alcohol gifts for clients are ‘neat’. Your whisky-loving clients will want to pour you a glass right away!

Succulent Corporate Gift

If their WhatsApp status habitually features the cakes they’ve baked, is there anything better than an unexpected office delivery of fresh-baked goodies? That was a rhetorical question. Send over doughnuts or cupcakes the whole team will enjoy. Or, choose a scrumptious gourmet corporate gift for clients. But, remember to ask about dietary requirements to ensure you send Halaal, kosher, and vegan options when appropriate.

Step 2: What’s the Budget? 

You don’t need to break the bank for great corporate year-end gifts. It’s likely that your company has a budget in place to plan how much you can afford when gifting your clients and employees. Knowing your budget allows you to choose the best corporate year-end gifts that you can reasonably afford. You want to look for something that’s high quality but still achievable… you want to get more bang for your buck!

Corporate year-end gifts aren’t just a gesture – they’re also a smart business move and an investment! Employee gifts help with retention and overall job satisfaction. And, client gifts help keep your company top of mind to generate more business and referrals in the future.

But if you work in the finance department (cough, a penny-pincher), we have gifts under R199 that will totally ‘balance’ out for a lower budget option for corporate gifts. From useful stationery, to ‘blooming’ corporate plant gifts – you don’t need to spend a fortune for premium gifts! But for bigger budgets, we also have spoils like corporate fruit baskets or wine hampers in our under R599 category. For the big spenders, we even have gifts under R999, like a truly South African biltong cutter gift or premium corporate alcohol gift boxes for a higher budget.

Desk Pad Corporate Gift

Step 3: Make it Personal

We know you’re tired of sending corporate gifts destined for the dusty drawers of office desks. But how exactly do you avoid this? You can add a personal touch! Everyone loves to see their name on something (other than bills of course)! And, when it comes to corporate year-end gifts, personalisation can go a long way to making the recipient feel recognised and special. If you’re looking for personalised corporate gifts, look no further than our range of personalised year-end gifts.

Getting Personal with Employees

Our re-‘mark’-able selection of notebooks will elevate their note-taking and add a fresh splash of colour to their desktop essentials. Whether they use it for work-related note-taking or scribbling down grocery items, a notepad is a gift all your teammates will appreciate. It’s simple and practical and can even be personalised with their names! Or, help them say goodbye to stolen office supplies with stationery gifts for employees. They can hold onto their paper clips, loose change, or pencils in style with one of our cool personalised pencil cases that can also be customised with their name.

You can get a bit more personal with employees. So if you know they enjoy alcohol, thoughtfully selected and personalised glassware like a wine glass set for their home is a great option. And, if they’re really into the festive spirit, why not get them a personalised bauble with a photo of the team! This is a festive gift for employees that’ll remind them of their 2021 team for many years to come. They can opt to hang it on the tree or sit it on their desk for a little holiday cheer.

Notebook Corporate Gift

Getting Personal with Clients

Besides having an idea of their interests, when selecting gifts for clients, it’s important they don’t feel mass-produced. Always include personal touches, like their name on the gift itself. And, if the company budget does not extend to engraving a gold-plated self-replenishing coffee vending machine (they would probably love one!), the same feel-good effect can be achieved through something as simple as a personalised greeting card from R69.95. Or, if you’re looking for corporate flower gifts for clients to go with the card, personalised flower and plant arrangements will keep your relationship ‘blooming’.

If your client is always taking notes the ‘old school’ way, our premium selection of personalised pens is as sleek as they are practical. Not only do they write well, but they will look great sitting on their desks, or in their blazer pocket. While they might have these in dozens, if you send them a pen with their name on it, it just might become their pen of choice! For the more ‘hip’ and happening client that is tech-savvy and always on-the-go, our personalised powerbanks are a sure crowd-pleaser.

Greeting Card Corporate Gift

Extra Advice

Bonus tip: spelling someone’s name incorrectly in an email can be annoying, but it is still forgivable. Getting their name wrong on a gift is a no-no. Instead of having warm, fuzzy feelings, your recipient will feel embarrassed or think that you are careless. Then, it’s ‘back to the drawing board’ for you! Instead, go the extra mile and see if your recipient uses any accent marks in their name (René or André, anyone?)

‘It’s the thought that counts!’ That’s the age-old idiom when it comes to gifts, right? Well, it remains true. There’s no real quick way to select and send out the right corporate gifts to your clients and employees, you need to put a little bit of thought and consideration into it. Slapping the company logo on any item is no longer enough. It’s all about being intentional, strategic, and personal. When done right, corporate gifts leave a lasting impression on employees and clients. So, when you’re choosing corporate year-end gifts for 2021, take the time to show you care and your business will reap the rewards!

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