Workplace Wellness Tips For Worker’s Day

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Is your office culture focused on all work and no play? ‘May Day’, ‘May Day’! You better watch out because your employee’s morale and wellness may be going down.  It’s no secret that employees can bring value to the workspace. Employees can also help the business perform at its optimal best if you prioritise their mental and physical health. With Workers’ Day 2022 coming up, NetFlorist is encouraging you to promote the idea that ‘health is wealth’ by introducing some of these workplace wellness tips for Workers’ Day.

Tip #1 – Refresh Them

Research shows that employees can think better and have lower stress levels when companies take genuine care of their physical and mental health. It goes beyond educational videos and presentations, now is the time to practise what you preach! So, what can you do today that will benefit your workforce tomorrow? You can refresh their minds with water! Surprising your colleagues and employees with a personalised water bottle will not only make them feel special (because their personalised gift has their name written all over it) but will encourage them to drink water! Besides, who would want to miss the opportunity to show off their ‘glassy’ gift?  Placing water coolers in common areas is also a helpful way to get your staff to drink more H2O!



Tip # 2 – Energise Them

Nowadays, online meetings via Microsoft Teams and Zoom are more popular than face-to-face meetings. But let’s face it, staff are more glued to their desk now more than ever! Pre-covid times, meetings would take place in board rooms or common areas which required people to leave their desks and do a bit of physical activity. Now, their fingers workout more than their bodies! While most companies are kitted with workout gear and facilities, not all companies are afforded this luxury.

What’s the next best step you ask? To encourage healthy eating habits! While fizzy drinks and chips are the go-to snacks for most people, why not stock healthier alternatives like dried fruit and nuts or savoury biltong bites in the vending machines? It’ll surely convince people to choose treats that are higher in nutritional value. If your company has a cafeteria area, ensure your workforce has access to healthy food options like fruit salads and low-carb meals. It’ll be the saving grace for individuals who forgot their lunch bag at home on their way to work.


Tip # 3 – Praise Them

Nothing makes an employee feel prouder than hearing the words, “you’re doing a great job” or, “I’m impressed by how you’re handling and managing things”. It shows that you’re acknowledging their efforts and this positively influences your employee’s mental health. But don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk and spoil your staff with sentimental thank you gifts filled with treats and compliments! You ‘card’ go wrong with our greeting cards either! It’s something they can keep and read whenever they need reminding of how great they are! These gestures will show your employees how much you appreciate them. It will also motivate them to stay with the company. Now that’s a double benefit!


Tip # 4 – Nurture Them

A lot of people spend most of their time in the office. That’s why it’s important to create a welcoming, safe and healthy working environment for employees. It can be difficult to ensure that staff are taken well care of, especially when you have a big team. What’s the easiest way to keep your employee’s energy alive and help them to thrive? With calming and friendly indoor plants for the office of course! Plants gifts are versatile because they’re believed to boost productivity, clean the air and make a stunning sight to stare at during the day.

Not all workstations are the same, so it’s best to get a low maintenance plant that even the busiest person can look after. Popular plants like peace lilies and chrysanthemums are known to purify the air from harmful toxins. Succulents and bonsais are the best plants to gift when it comes to longevity and requiring minimal effort. As you can see, there are lots of plants that can put your staff at ease. Simply liven up their space and you can make the office a wonderful place to be in.


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Workers’ Day in South Africa is quite a significant holiday because it not only celebrates the rights of all workers but it reminds us, as a nation, of the role that trade unions and labour organisations played in the fight against Apartheid. Workers’ Day takes place every year on 1 May but this year we’ll be observing it on 2 May 2022. It’s time for you to put in the work and show your employees that they’re more than just a number. Whether you refresh their bodies with ‘water’-ful gifts or nourish their minds with kind words, there’s something your company can do that’ll be beneficial. We hope that these workplace wellness tips will come in handy and will help you create a culture and space where every employee will enjoy working at!


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