4 Best Gifting Ideas To Try and 4 To Avoid

When there are so many options to choose from, choosing the right gift doesn’t always work out as expected. If you’re not careful with your gifting ideas, you might end up going with something that is, um, less than desirable.

Here’s a list of gifting ideas that you might have in mind that you should probably forget. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you hanging. Because, for every almost-mistake we’ve put down, we have a NetFlorist alternative that they’ll love.

1. An Experience Gift Idea They Wouldn’t Be Interested In

You might have asked a few friends about how to choose the right gift. One of those friends might have told you that they “like to gift people experiences”. That can be great if it’s an experience the other person can actually participate in or even like. Imagine being taken for wine tasting when you don’t drink; you wouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself. That is why it helps to consider the other person’s interests before making plans.

Spoil them with this bath and body hamper that holds a Charlotte Rhys candle (50g), soap bar (100g), foam bath (500ml), hand lotion (300ml) all in the sensational St Thomas fragrance as well as a Colibri Imperial white face cloth.

Something most people have in common is the need to focus more on themselves. Pamper them with an experience gift that’ll make for a happy memory. All that stress will melt away with the perfect spa treatment near them. Make it extra special with bath and body gifts they can use to extend the luxury on their own. If the two of you are (coughs) super close, treat them to some relaxation at home with massage oil sets. Sometimes the best self-care is visiting the great outdoors.

Spoil them with the ultimate experience gift idea, quality time together on a picnic! Take your ‘pick’ (ha-ha) from our broad selection of picnic baskets. If you find the idea of making your snacks for the picnic then don’t fret. We’ve already done most of the work for you! Some of our picnic baskets come filled with all sorts of tasty goodies to share with your favourite person. We’ve also thrown in options with cutlery for two to make it a fancy occasion.

2. Regifting ‘Gifts’ That Are No Longer Usable

Someone who didn’t have the pleasure of reading through this advice gave you something you either can’t use or don’t like and now you’re regifting it. If it’s something that you are willing to give away, it’s unlikely that the next person will feel any different. Scratching more points off if this gift is almost expired (how could you?) or wouldn’t fit them (if it’s clothing). It may be obvious that you didn’t have them in mind when you came up with this gift idea. It cheapens the experience, and they might feel forced to crack a fake smile.

Five glass jars are stacked up against each other to form a pyramid. Inside each of the jars colourful combinations of dried fruit and nuts.

Skip the awkwardness and go for long-lasting surprises. If they’re a snackaholic these gourmet dried fruit and nut snacks are a better alternative to their usual sweet eats. Being dried fruit and nuts, these snacks will reliably stick around for a long while to keep them happy whenever they feel peckish. Speaking of long-lasting favours, succulent plants are the perfect gift for plant-lovers who want the benefits of having a green friend minus the stress of upkeep. These plant gifts are not only aesthetically pleasing but they bring a sense of calm into a room.

Since succulents are drought-resistant it makes them great home décor accessories alongside photo frames and wall art. Highlight memories that will last longer than any succulent and surprise them with a framed photo of a heart-warming memory you share with them. Sentimental gifts are arguably some of the best gifting ideas of all because focusing on the little things expresses just how much you care for them.

Two mini cacti and succulents are displayed in a beautiful geometric vase with white stones and potting soil for that extra glam effect.

Remember to pay attention to the details when you choose the best wall art for them. Consider whether or not they’re artsy or practical. Would they prefer a quote that sounds like it came from a self-help book or one that reads like poetry? No matter what they like we have a range of offerings for you to look at before you settle on the right prezzie.

3. Gifts They Won’t Use

Often when you find yourself struggling to decide what to get them, it’s best to be practical. They probably won’t need a trendy obscure kitchen appliance that looks great but virtually no one knows how to use it. But they might appreciate some household classics as housewarming gifts.

personalised: Personalised Patterned Coaster Set!

Think of fridge magnets or coasters and placemats to make their new place feel more homely. Show support for the serious foodie with a personalised chopping board and a set of knives. Get them a personalised apron with a clever food pun printed on it. They’ll get excited every time they suit up to get cracking in the kitchen. If they’re cooking up something exciting for the next stage of their life they’ll need a gift to give them a leg up on that journey.

Are they becoming a parent? Well, they’ll appreciate extra sets of clothes and nursery gifts for their new baby.  For gifting ideas that include both parents and babies choose from this selection of baby toys and zero in on the options that include bath and body gifts. If you need more ideas explore the NetFlorist collection of baby shower gift ideas that are just super! Being a parent can be challenging; the same goes for being in the workforce.

A white wire ring bound personalised notebook with the words "yesterday" and "tomorrow" are crossed out while the word "now" is highlighted in light pink.

If they’re starting a new job it can feel quite daunting but it helps to stay on top of things. Help them keep track of time on the go with a personalised watch. Oh and don’t forget the work diary because what working professional can function without one? A personalised diary with a cherished photo or inspirational words is sure to keep them at ease when things get stressful. Do you know what else is stressful? The first day of big kid school!

Make sure the kiddies are all set to hit the books. Start with a personalised backpack that’ll make them the coolest kid in the playground. Pack their lunch into a cartoon themed lunchbox and personalised water bottle and they’ll be jumping for joy during recess.

Whatever their latest adventure is, surprising them with something practical might just count in your favour.

4. A Gift That Only You Would Like

Gift-giving is a selfless thing. It can feel great to brighten someone’s day. But you need to step into their shoes if you want to avoid hiccups. Choosing something that would make you happy as a gift for someone else only works if you like the same things. If you don’t, it could prove disastrous. So what do you do?

Make them feel special with something made just for them – a personalised gift. Attach a motivational message to a personalised notebook or a stationery gift to inspire someone who loves being organised. Incorporate your memories with pictures of you together. These gifting ideas are wonderful because they will help them keep up-to-date and leave them stress-free.

A pink gym duffel bag personalised with the name of the receiver to accompany the phrase “Don’t Quit/Do It.”

If to-do lists are not their thing they might use exercise as a way to de-stress. Get some personalised activewear for the fitness enthusiast. They’ll stay hydrated when they fill up with a personalised water bottle. Some exercise can be gruelling but if they have the right accessories it might make things easier for them. Gift them a personalised gym bag to keep all of the gym essentials.

Even if they’re not the sentimental type, you can rest easy knowing that they will appreciate these gifts made especially for them.

Trust us, the smile across their face when they unwrap the right gifts will be 100% genuine. We should know, we are South Africa’s largest online flower and gift delivery service, after all. Phew, you’ve made it through learning about the best gifting ideas for friends and family. Now that you have advice from the pros (wink), go forth and send love!

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