What’s their Resolution? New Year’s Gift Ideas For Every Goal!

What’s better than a surprise gift? A gift that fits right in with your goals, that’s what! Practical gifts are the best way to say “I support you” without needing any special occasion. Help the people closest to you put their best foot forward with these unique New Year’s gift ideas.

 Making their home into a sanctuary

Putting up photos of family and friends puts a personal stamp on home décor and inspires relaxation and comfort. Help your loved one keep their spirits up throughout this New Year by gifting them some lovely home décor gifts from our range of personalised photo frames. They’ll remember how special they are every time they look at one of our classic photo frames.

A young family is pictured on a stunning acrylic block. With the word "family" hand-lettered across the frame.

Are they the type to take forever to replace the picture that comes with the frame with one of their own? Have a photo of your choice printed on a stunning acrylic block that will appeal to their chic modern sense of style. If they’re more on the artsy side, some wall art with motivational messages is sure to get them pumped up and ready to take on the year.

Surrounding themselves with nature

We might be stuck inside for a little longer than expected. So, bring the best parts of the outside world into your loved one’s home with our range of unbe-‘leaf’-able indoor plants. Whether it’s a flowering plant like an orchid or a beautiful bonsai tree from our array of green plants, these are the perfect new year’s gift ideas if you want to show that you’re ‘rooting’ for them! Make your gesture extra special by attaching a personal message to your gift.

Indoor plant in the form of brilliantly coloured gerberas with a areca bamboo in a white basket.Taking care of a plant can be tricky business, but their pot plants will reward them with some O2 as well as some enviable Instagram backgrounds! If they need a little assistance in nurturing their new green friends, make sure to give them these super handy care instructions.

Go on, tell them to throw open their curtains, let in the sunshine in and watch their indoor garden thrive!

Eat healthier and exercise more often

A list of New Year’s resolutions is not complete without a commitment to eat healthier and exercise more. These colourful fresh fruit baskets will be a welcome addition to whatever meal plans they have in mind. While you’re at it, throw in one of our dried fruit and nuts snack hampers for them to nibble on when they’re watching the latest episode of ‘Bridgerton’.

Having the perfect gym accessories will help them look forward to getting off the couch to hit the gym. A personalised gym bag might just do the trick. They’ll work up quite a sweat while shedding those lockdown love handles. If they get a little thirsty during their workout sesh, they can fill up with these personalised water bottles.

Improving culinary skills

Time to swap out takeout for some home cooking! Maybe this year they’ll learn how to make those scrambled eggs and instant noodles a teeny bit fancier. Wearing the right uniform and having the right tools can help them ‘cake’ it till they make it.

Personalised denim apron with the words "may the wors be with you" in a star wars font.

They’ll feel like a pro chef in no time with one of these personalised aprons. Add some new utensils, and a casserole dish to complete their homeware and kitchenware collection.  Soon they’ll be whipping up something that even Gordon Ramsay can’t resist!

Being more organised

Productivity apps are cute, and everything but nothing beats good ole pen and paper. Unless they want to risk getting distracted by a tab they’ve opened for a cat video while trying to send an all-important email, it’s best to stick to the basics.

Black personalised notebook with the words "Jamie, think outside the box" the words "box" and the name "Jamie" fall outside of a square.

Tell them to grab one of these personalised pens and make their mark on 2021. With NetFlorist’s notebooks they’ll be the envy of every twenty-something casually wasting their t-…coughs we mean spending their time scrolling through Pinterest.

Choosing to take time off

They’ll want to get rid of all those kinks in their neck caused by stress from the year that shall not be named. When they’re ready to take a break from their busy lives, a trip to the spa might do the trick. You can book a session in their area and spoil them with the spa treatment they deserve from the mangwanani spa!

Close-up of a person enjoying a massage at the mangwanani spa.

Listening to music more often

Nothing will calm their nerves like listening to one of the Queen’s bops after “reminding” folks on the socials that she’s not “overrated”. A pair of new headphones will elevate their listening experience. Customise their new accessory with a special message or a photo when you get these personalised headphones.

Yay, so now you’ve read up on new year’s gift ideas! Get ready to spoil them. Armed with new year’s gifts from you, they will make 2021 a year to remember!

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