Gifts for St Patricks Day? Send the luck of the Irish their way!

You’re in luck! It’s St. Patricks Day 2021, going green has a different meaning on this special occasion! Whether you are of Irish descent or are deciding to take part in this festive celebration, now’s the time to imbibe and send some sensational spoils their way!

But what are St Patrick’s day traditions? The main traditions centred around St Paddy’s Day are all about the enjoyment and celebration of life. Whether you are going to listen to Celtic music, eat a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, or go out and enjoy a few drinks with some friends, St Paddy’s Day 2021 is one to be celebrated by everyone! Partake in the parades, special foods, music, dancing, gifting, and a whole lot of green to make the most of this special occasion! Take a peek at our top picks for gifts for St Patrick’s Day!

Gifts For Good Luck & Fortune

Some people are born with good luck, and others make their own luck! If you know someone who could use a little encouragement sent their way (whether they are in dire need of it or not), it may be a good idea to send some gifts of good fortune – like St Paddy’s Day food! Why not get into the festive spirit and send cakes and bakes from The Bakery at NetFlorist? We have red velvet cake from Château Gâteaux, as well as other yummy finds like cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies and biscuits!

Oh, ‘crumbs’! Is cake a gift for St Patrick’s Day they won’t enjoy? Well, we have more than just cake on offer! With our vast range of gourmet food gifts like biltong, picnic baskets, and dried fruit and nuts, you’re sure to find the perfect snacks to accompany their St Paddys’ Day drinks!

Speaking of drinks, have you thought of sending them some fine alcohol from The Bar at NetFlorist? We have a wide variety of alcoholic drinks for you to choose from! Looking for something fancy? Why not send them champagne or whiskey? Looking for something more down to earth? How about wine, beer, or non-alcoholic wine? It’s up to you!

And if you are looking for a gift for St Patrick’s day which isn’t food-related, why not shop for accessories online in South Africa at NetFlorist? Pick out a gorgeous leather handbag from our accessories shop, and you’re sure to make all their friends go green with envy!

Find Your Luck In Love

Looking to change your luck in the love sphere, sending a romantic gift for St Patrick’s Day is a great way to spark a connection! With hundreds of fresh flower types to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! Turn your luck around with flower gifts and hampers like gerbera daisies, flower vases, or white flowers! When you order flowers online at NetFlorist, you can send flowers online too! With nationwide flower delivery, it doesn’t matter where you special someone is celebrating St Paddy’s Day… they’ll have their gift delivered right to their door!

And if you are searching for a long-lasting spoil, take a peek at our range of indoor plant gifts to find their new favourite plant baby! With house plants like orchids, bonsai tree, lily, cactus, succulents, and herbs, you can’t go wrong!

Why not make the most of this jolly celebration, and join in the fun, happiness, and joy of St Patrick’s Day? When you send them a gift for St Patrick’s Day, you won’t just be changing their luck, you’ll be changing your own luck as well!

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