Gifts For Netflix Lovers – What Your Favourite Show Says About You

Gifts For Netflix Lovers – What Your Favourite Show Says About You

There is nothing more relaxing than slipping into your PJs or cosy gown after a long day. It gets even better when you flip open your laptop to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series. The old saying “you are what you eat,” has evolved into “You are what you watch”. Believe it or not, what you watch on Netflix can reveal a lot about your personality. Speaking of personalities, if it is a trait of yours to love receiving presents, NetFlorist has a list of gifts for Netflix lovers.

That’s why the NetFlorist Bunch have decided to put together gifts for Netflix lovers, based on your favourite series. We’ve got gift ideas for the wanna-be detectives, the wanna-be drag queens, alien fighters and the family-orientated individuals. From our activewear ranges to our liqueur and spirit range, we have got the best gifts for Netflix lovers!

Stranger Things:

Paired Products: Personalised Racing Stripe Black Water Bottle, Fruit, Snack And Grapetiser Picnic Basket

Stranger Things; the pillow-clenching and nail-biting sci-fi series that closes with a cliff hanger every… single… episode! For the unenlightened viewers, this horror drama is set in the early ‘80s in the small fictional American city of Hawkins, Indiana. As a consequence of an illegal science experiment, the series follows the story of a group of children around whom mysterious supernatural events begin to unfold. The series is never afraid to take viewers on a crazy ride with incredible surprises. Some that not even the biggest fans could have seen coming!

If Stranger Things is your favourite Netflix show, you probably like to go on the craziest adventures with your best friends. You are the kind of person who will have no problem battling “monsters and aliens” alongside your pals. Your friends might even describe you as a daredevil! No matter how risky it may seem, you will welcome any challenge that heads your way!

Gifts For ‘Stranger Things’ Lovers:

Being the adventurous individual that you are, NetFlorist’s activewear range will have you kitted out for your next big off-road bike adventure with friends. One of the ultimate gifts for Netflix lovers! With your very own personalised racing stripe black water bottle and NetFlorist’s gym wear to choose from, you will be ready for your next bike-ride in the daunting mountains of the Cape. We have a lovely range of gym clothes for men and gym clothes for ladies to choose from.

Our picnic baskets range will make the best snack hamper to share with your friends on your next exciting outdoor endeavour. This fruit, snack and grapetiser picnic basket will be the perfect light lunch to munch on in-between hunting for Demogorgons.

Modern Family:

Paired Products: Personalised Best Grandpa Photo Frame, Personalised Family Names Photo Frame, Maxwell & Williams Pets Mug

It’s the “sit in front of the tv with your packet of biltong” kind of series. They have been with us for so long, the actors and actresses themselves have even started to feel like family! Yes, it’s the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan! Watching them for half an hour is similar to that weekly phone call you have with your mum after leaving home! You know, the one where she tells you all the ridiculous things your family have done that reminds you just how much you love them.

If you love Modern Family, it is probably because you can relate to the love-hate, push-pull dynamics of your own family. Granted if it is your favourite series, it is most likely your family is your life. You would do anything for them, even though they may irritate the living hell out of you at some points in life.

Gifts For ‘Modern Family’ Lovers:

Being the family orientated person you are, you would love NetFlorist’s home décor range. NetFlorist’s online homeware shopping range knows how to turn that house into a home, giving you that same feeling you have when watching Modern Family. Capture candid photos of your family in photo frames, just like it is shown in every episode opening of Modern Family. Between our personalised best grandpa photo frame or NetFlorist’s personalised family names photo frame, these personalised photo frames will allow you to recall beautiful memories with loved ones. These frames will allow you to convey how much you value and love your family.

If there is a “Stella” in your house and you are like Jay Pritchett (who arguably loves his fur baby more than his wife), you can get your own Maxwell and Williams Pets Pug Dog Mug or Maxwell and Williams Pete Cromer Mug to dedicate to your beloved pet. Especially if they are the most important member of the family! You will be sure to find something that suits your pet in our range of pet mugs. Another great gift for Netflix lovers!

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At the Cecil Hotel

Paired Products: Personalised Photo Wall Calendar, Personalised Stay Focused Goal Journal, Bad Girl Sabrina Digital Watch

 If you are super into the new hit series “Crime Scene: The Vanishing At the Cecil Hotel” you were most probably part of the FBI in your past-life. This series is for the wanna-be detectives, forensic scientists and keen mystery solvers.

For those who don’t know, the acclaimed binge-worthy docuseries is about the disappearance and death of a Canadian woman, and its connection to an infamous Los Angeles hotel. I know, spooky right? It is a series that leaves you double guessing your next Hotel stay.

Gifts For ‘Crime Scene: Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel’ Lovers:

If you had the “guts” to watch this and you loved it, you will thoroughly enjoy NetFlorist’s stationery range of calendars and notebooks. These gifts will let you track your boyfriend or girlfriend’s suspicious alibis. A personalised stay focused goal journal will allow you to put your thoughts on paper and help you keep focused on everything you want to achieve for the year. A personalised photo wall calendar will allow you to put your photographic evidence on display. It will also help you remember those important dates and facts such as relatives birthdays and anniversaries.

Timing is very important when being a detective. This Bad Girl Sabrina Digital Watch found in NetFlorist’s jewellery store will help you keep punctual and keep track of time throughout the day. This super-handy watch will allow you to establish the timeframes of your friends and family. Especially if they arrive suspiciously late to a Sunday lunch or movie date!

RuPaul’s Drag Race


Paired Products: Personalised Own Message T-Shirt, Personalised Makeup Vanity Set, Kumara Craft Gin 

The series with larger-than-life characters, spectacular fashion and lip-syncing for your life. You either love it or hate it. RuPaul’s Drag Race is an Emmy award-winning series. America’s most “sickening” drag queens compete in fashion and performance challenges, in the hopes of snatching the crown as the next drag race superstar.

If you like RuPaul’s Drag Race, you are a fashion queen, diva, creative and confident. You love everything “fabulous” and embrace the skin you are in.

Gifts For ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Lovers:

Dressing up and getting into character is a huge part of the series most viewers enjoy. Get into “drag” with NetFlorist’s online clothes store. A personalised own message T-shirt with your favourite drag queen’s name will give you that alter ego. Turn into Alyssa Edwards with just the change of a t-shirt. You may even like NetFlorist’s personalised makeup vanity set. This vanity is ideal for those stacked false lashes and brow disappearing purple glue sticks.

Our liqueur and spirit range will give you the perfect alcoholic ingredient for your Friday night “untucked” cocktail drinks. A bottle of kumara craft gin will make a delicious G&T for you to sip on. It is the perfect drink for when you want to unwind, relax and spill the work office “tea” with a loved one.

The next time you find a series you cannot stop watching, ask yourself “What does this say about me?”. You may be surprised to learn what your favourite guilty pleasure Netflix reveals about your personality. Whatever the case though, our wide range of NetFlorist gifts will help you step into the shoes of your favourite character. Our list of gifts for Netflix lovers will let you live your favourite Netflix series fantasy.




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