Find Amazing At-home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The day of love is almost upon us and in case you weren’t aware it falls on a Sunday. So if you were planning on glossing over the occasion or just ‘forgetting’ about it, think again! Seriously, we highly doubt your significant other is going to buy that story… That’s why we’ve compiled a list of amazing at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day!

That being said, we know that Valentine’s Day is an occasion that not only goes hand in hand with love, but also pressure. So, in true NetFlorist fashion, we’re here to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch with a list of the best at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day. That’s right, forget the crowded restaurant (a major no-no at the moment anyway) or the overpriced cinema tickets and get ready to have an exceptional Valentine’s date from the comfort of your home!

At home date ideas

Have a Pamper Session

The next best thing to going to the spa is turning your very own bathroom into one. And trust us when we say we have everything you need to transform it into a spa-like oasis. Including; bath mats, personalised gowns, towels and scented candles − talk about lighting the spark of desire!  Let’s face it, you and your Valentine could probably do with a chance to decompress and relax and there’s no better way to do it than with our array of bath and body products. Not to mention that we also have some lovely massage oils. Talk about  a great excuse to get a little handsy with your Valentine!

 Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Go On a Picnic

As we said, crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day are always overrated (even more so this year), so ditch dining out and dine al fresco instead, with a delectable gourmet picnic hamper for two! We know you’re probably thinking; I can’t do that at-home − well, of course you can! Just a grab a blanket and your picnic basket and head into your backyard. If the weather isn’t on your side then there’s always the option of having it on your living room floor! Believe us, the plethora of delicious snacks that come in our picnic baskets taste amazing no matter where you eat them! Life’s not exactly a picnic at the moment, but there’s no reason you can’t pretend it is!

At-home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day movies

Netflix And Chill

Classics are classics for a reason and a movie and snacks is an at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can’t go wrong with. Especially, if you’re struggling to make conversation with your significant other after nearly a year of lockdown… Why not curl up on the couch with some delicious chocolate hampers or some savoury fruit and nuts and watch a corny rom-com? Honestly, Valentine’s Day and romantic comedies go together like crackers and cheese or NetFlorist and gifts, so why not embrace your chance to enjoy all of the cheesy goodness while it’s socially acceptable?

At-home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day cooking

Have a Bake-Off

2021 hasn’t exactly been a cake walk so far. So make sure Valentine’s Day 2021 is sufficiently sweet by having your very own bake-off. There’s nothing like a little competition to heat things up between you and your significant other. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits − or in this case, bakes of your labour! We have plenty of bakeware to get you started from utensils to personalised aprons and elegant Le Creuset dishes. It’s true, all they ‘knead’ is love!

At-home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Get Physical

If gym dates were your thing, you could always recreate the experience with an at-home workout! From yoga to wrestling, the potential is endless. Not to mention you can make sure you both look cute while doing it with personalised active gear like water bottles and t-shirts. If you don’t feel like literally getting physical (no judgement here!) you could always get ‘fizz’-ical with a fantastic bottle of champagne instead!

At-home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Plant a Garden

As we mentioned, this Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, 14 February. So why not spend the day outside planting a beautiful garden with your sweetheart? We all know a plant baby is a trial run for the real thing, so get busy sowing the seeds of love… If you’re not sold on talking ‘dirt’ to your partner just yet, you could always take the easy way out and choose from our selection of green plants. From thyme to rosemary, we have everything you need to plant your very own herb garden! Just like relationships, gardens need kind words, attention and a touch of luck to grow. Trust us, this is not only a fun date idea but is a great way to see if your relationship was ‘mint’ to be!

Valentine’s Day 2021 is guaranteed to be far from ‘normal’, but we at NetFlorist are committed to making sure lockdown doesn’t put a damper on the day of love! With this list of incredible at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day, you’re guaranteed to make your special someone swoon!

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