Find Plant Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

2021 is the perfect time to help those closest to you go ‘green’. But we don’t mean in the typical way (that too though), we mean with a lively plant gift, of course! Naturally, no two plants were created equal. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide for you to find plant gifts for everyone in your life. You can thank us later!

Find plants gifts for everyone

For Mom

Orchids. Although they are notoriously difficult to keep alive, when in the right hands − like those of your mother dearest − they can continue to bloom for years on end.  They are commonly associated with elegance and luxury and when looking at one it’s easy to see why. These houseplants are perfectly symmetrical and grow upside down when mature, adding to the delicate and whimsical beauty that they are known for. Like other flowering plants, they come in an array of different colours − each of which carries a unique meaning. Choose between our gorgeous selection of striking white orchids, playful pink midi-orchids or stunning multi-coloured ones and set mom up for a year ‘blooming’ with happiness.
Psst. Here’s a cheat sheet on how to take care of your orchid!

Find plants gifts for everyone like bonsai trees

For Dad

Bonsai trees. Branch out and treat your dad to a brilliant bonsai tree this new year. The art of cultivating bonsai trees dates back thousands of years in China and Japan. It involves growing trees in small containers and trimming their roots to create miniaturised trees that look just like their full-sized counterparts. No worries though, because we’ve cut out the hard work involved, with an amazing selection of ficus bonsai trees. However, if he has a lot a patience and is up to a challenge you could always treat him to a Grow your own bonsai kit so that he can start this meticulous practice from the ground up. Bonsai trees are truly the gift that keeps on giving, because if properly cared for they can last for years!

Find plants gifts for everyone succulents

For your BF

Succulents & cacti. If he ‘succs’ at keeping plants alive, there’s only one thing for him… a succulent. However, just because they’re low-maintenance, doesn’t mean these desert plants aren’t a treat for the eyes! On the contrary, these green plants come in an abundance of fun shapes and sizes and will grow according to the environment that they’re kept in. We’re helping you find plant gifts for everyone, including everything from rock rose succulents to zebra plants and even some cacti plants. So go on, ‘prickle’ his fancy!


For your GF

Kalanchoe. For the not so green-fingered girlfriend we recommend the kalanchoe plant! (Hey, just because she’s a she, doesn’t mean that pot plants have a better chance of staying alive…)The kalanchoe forms part of the succulent family and as such is the perfect low-maintenance indoor plant. What makes the kalanchoe standout from other succulents is that it grows beautiful flowers in a variety of bright and beautiful colours. Just like your love, these flowers are long-lasting, making the kalanchoe the kind of plant that will never ‘desert’ her! If you were looking for the best birthday gift for her, consider it found!


For your Aunty

African violets. These blooms are the perfect gift to give to your aunty, because not only are they stunning, but they carry a deeper meaning as a symbol of friendship, loyalty and family. Like we said, they’re extremely attractive, but are also hardy and are sure to thrive in any environment. These lovely blooms are guaranteed to touch her heart and will give her some-‘bud’-y special to care for! We told you we’d make it easy to find plant gifts for everyone!

Discover plants for everyone

For your Granny

Amaryllis plants. The amaryllis has come to be associated with strength and determination, which makes it the ideal plant gift for your granny. They’re also known for the magical and distinctive sparkle that their petals give off and look almost as though they’ve been covered in glitter. Although they have such a delicate beauty, they are surprisingly tough and bloom no matter the circumstances (a bit like your granny, wouldn’t you agree?). They are seasonal plants that typically flower annually, making them a wonderful and worthwhile surprise to look forward to!

PS. These plants can also be planted and grown outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know which types of plants are the right ones for your nearest and dearest, get ‘growing’ and place your order with NetFlorist today!

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