Winter is coming! So it’s time to start getting cosy and warming up those around us with these winter gift ideas. Even though the temperatures are dropping, there’s no excuse to go cold on the gifting front! In fact, it’s the perfect time to spread some affection to your loved ones who might be feeling chilly! We have defrosted our seasonal selection so that in winter 2021, you can find the top choices for gifts to keep your loved ones nice and toasty.

Gifts to warm them up

Don’t let your loved ones feel the chill for one second with a thoughtful gift for winter 2021. It’s time to ‘warm’ them up to you by gifting them something that will help them fight frostbite.

A hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up from the inside out. If you are in need of warm gifts for the office or just want to help someone get through the workday (they can’t type with cold fingers!), a tea and coffee hamper is the perfect winter gift. We have a steaming selection of warm beverages so that everyone has something to keep them roasty-toasty.

Tea and coffee winter gifts

But a warm beverage without a sweet treat to accompany it is like a gingerbread man without Jelly Tot buttons- it’s not the same! Soup might warm their bodies but a delicacy from the NetFlorist Bakery will warm their hearts. Find the best cakes and bakes, like a delicious box of assorted doughnuts, that will earn you 100% with a loved one even if the temperature is below zero!

Winter gifts from the bakery

Is there any feeling more dreaded in winter than stepping out a warm shower into the frigid air? Save your loved one the sub-degree shock with a personalised gown and slipper set. You even can keep the entire family comfy with this warm gift idea because we have gowns for children and adults alike!

Personalised gown winter gift

Gifts to keep them warm

The problem with winter is not getting warm, it’s staying warm! We may crank up the heat but as soon as we step outside the office or safety of our car, we are at the mercy of the elements! So help keep your friends and family warm throughout the colder months with these winter gift ideas.

Sadly, we can’t live in gowns all the time. It’s a shame, we know! But there are so many winter apparel gifts to keep them snug and stylish. Your loved ones will look cool while keeping warm with our range of personalised apparel for him, her and the kids!  Personally, we think you can never go wrong with a gift of a personalised hoodie.

Apparel winter gifts

Maybe your loved one isn’t in need of something to keep them warm but rather you want to keep them feeling warm and fuzzy towards you. Bring a little ‘heat’ to their face with a winter flower bouquet that’s worth blushing over. It’s a great way to keep their seasonal blues at bay and to make sure they never give you the cold shoulder! Don’t worry about getting a beautiful flower arrangement during the chillier months because South Africa has beautiful winter flowers, like hyacinths and irises, that will bring them some warmth even on the coldest of days!

Bouquet winter gifts

Winter gifts to make their home warm

Stop the chill at the front door with these winter gift ideas for the home. Winter is the time to hibernate, light a fire and relax under a cosy blanket. These gifts will make sure that your loved one always has their door open for you. Figuratively of course, you wouldn’t want to let the warm air out!

Are you looking for some traditional house-warming gift ideas? Keep a friend or family member’s new place feeling warm even if it’s a bit barren at the moment. Light their way home with a personalised candle. This meaningful gift will help create a pleasant ambience inside a loved one’s new house.

Personalised candle winter gift

We often dread winter in South Africa because it’s too cold to be outside enjoying our scenic country. Keep an outdoorsy friend happy and bring the landscape inside with a beautiful house plant gift! During the cold months, these plants won’t suffer the chill like the garden will and are a sure way to brighten up any South African’s house. Don’t let winter wilt their planting plans, you can read more about our top tips for taking care of indoor plants during winter!

House plant winter gift

Make winter 2021 the snuggest yet with these wonderfully warm gift ideas! No longer will you have to worry about your relationships turning cold when we have gifts to keep all your loved ones feeling warm! With South Africa’s largest sameday gifting service, you don’t even have to leave your bed to find the hottest winter gift!

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