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20 May 2021 is a day to take note off and write about in your diary! Start Notebook Day 2021 on a good ‘note’ with NetFlorist’s selection of stationery goodies. The whole purpose of celebrating Notebook Day in South Africa is to create awareness of the importance of journaling. It can be celebrated by reading through some of your old journals to see how the progress you have made or you can start a journaling journey with a notebook gift for Notebook Day.

Why is journaling so important you might ask? Well, NetFlorist will compare notes with you.  Journaling actually has health benefits! Jotting on the pages of a notebook can be quite therapeutic. It can reduce stress which can lower blood pressure and boost your mood. It also helps to sharpen your memory. By keeping your thoughts organised and tracking your progress it helps you to monitor your self-reflection and improve writing. Basically, journaling fosters growth!

There is a notebook for everyone and every need. There are so many different ways to journal, it’s something worth trying. So whether they are celebrating Notebook Day at school, at the office or at home, make it a ‘noteworthy’ day with these stationery spoils!

Notebook gifts for the kids

Button For Spongebob Notebook     Button to buy Little Miss Notebook

Don’t ‘write the kids off’ this notebook day! They can never be too young to start, so why not foster their love for journaling early and they will reap the benefits of this habit later in life. The little ones can write letters to friends, write down ideas or just use the pages to draw. Primary school kids and high school learners can make notes on what their teachers are saying in class.

Encourage them to pick up the pencils with a notebook that is even more fun than watching cartoons. She can write down her unique point of view with a Hello Kitty notebook. Or he can make a ‘splash’ with a SpongeBob Squarepants notebook that will make even Squidward crack a smile. There are Little Miss and Mr Men options available for those strong personalities!

Throw in some personalised stickers as a gift for school kids to make this Notebook Day one that will stick!

Notebook gifts for the students

 Button for Just In Case notebook      Button for personalised whiteboard

High school and university can be very stressful! Not only is ‘booking’ your study sessions in between your social life a hard task, but actually sitting down and studying feels like the worst! Motivate the students in your life this year with some of NetFlorist’s motivational notebooks. There are trendy notebook options that have motivational quotes and cool images on the cover when they need a reminder that they have it under control. The notebooks can be used to make notes during class or to summarise their work. This will be one book that they won’t hesitate to open!

NetFlorist’s small personalised whiteboards are the perfect way for them to keep up to date with their upcoming tests and exams. They can also use them as a reminder for the next Zoom class coming up. There are options available to make any desk a cool area to hangout. It is the perfect add-on to their notebook gift for Notebook Day.

Notebook gifts for the planner

Button for notes hardcover notebook      Button for sunshine family calender

Notebooks are the perfect place to make lists! To do lists, grocery lists, wish lists! For those who ‘do things by the book’ and have a list for everything, then the personalised notebooks will sort them out! They can get dated notebooks online to help them schedule and plan even better.

For those that are a bit scattered-brained and keep forgetting things, take a note out of the planner’s book. With notebooks gifts they can write down everything they need to remember and ‘pencil’ in those important dates. Make it part of your plan to send them a calendar too so they can coordinate!

Notebook gifts for the artist

 Button for special kind of artist sketchbook      Button for personalised pencil case

They might love doodling, drawing incredible landscapes or writing like they are running out of time. You never know when inspiration might strike. Many a napkin or scrap piece of paper containing the next Picasso-piece or an amazing poem have been accidently thrown out. Make sure that doesn’t happen to the artist in your life with sketchbook available online. Our incredible notebook covers are works of art themselves.

A notebook is a safe place to keep everything together and can be thrown in a backpack, or a handbag so that it is always on hand. They can also keep their art supplies together and easily accessible in a personalised pencil case. Their creative juices will be flowing with these notebook gifts for Notebook Day.

Notebook gifts for the self-reflector

  Button for Jessie's Things diary     Button for personalised retro parker pen

You might remember keeping a diary when you were a teenager and writing down your crushes and drama that went down at school, but diaries are not just for teens. People have documented their day and written down their thoughts for centuries. Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela’s diaries, and books like ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ have become bestsellers.

Writing down thoughts and feelings is a healthy way to reflect. Diaries can be used to write down the things we are grateful for, as well as our hopes and dreams. Many people have even taken up the art of bullet journaling which are equal parts planning, writing and meditation in the form of bullet points. See our guide to bullet journaling here.

Since writing in a diary is such a personal thing, personalised stationery gifts will make their experience even more sentimental! They can write in the pages of a personalised diary with a personalised pen. It’s all that and ‘pen’ some!

Notebook gifts for the personal journey

Button for the personalised rocking horse baby journal      Button for personalised gold art wedding journal

Some events in our lives are so special and we want to document every moment and keep the memories. Many people make use of journals to document their pregnancy or to plan their wedding. It helps to organise haphazard thoughts, but it also serves as a great keepsake to go back to when they are feeling nostalgic.

A pregnancy journal is a thoughtful gift for a new mom, or to give as a gift at a baby shower. A stunning wedding planner will make sure you are the favourite bridesmaid or remind them why they chose you as maid of honour. Couples can use the journals together! It is a great gift, but it will be extra special as a notebook gift for Notebook Day.

There are so many more ways to make use of notebooks. Notebooks can be used to keep dream journals, and keep track of finances, fitness and food. It can be used to write down notes in a meeting, making it a great corporate gift for the office, or it can be on the pages of a notebook that the next J.K Rowling might be born. So, for all the paper-lovers out there, may Notebook Day 2021 in South Africa be one for the books!

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