Winter Flowers
Winter flowers

Get your winter woolies on because it’s that time of year again! Winter has arrived (somewhat harshly) in South Africa with a vengence! There has been snow in the Drakensburg, flooding streets in Stellenbosch and Joburg is just as dry as it usually is!

Winter Irises
Winter irises

South Africa is well-known for great weather all year round and winter is no exception (usually)! The normally the days are sunny and warm, almost dry and crispy but the nights can get very cold!  Even though winter is earmarked to be a very dull season, there are still beautiful and colourful flowers in bloom that will brighten up even the gloomiest of days (yeah Cape Town we’re talking to you).

Winter tulips

NetFlorist is the go to place when you need to buy winter flowers online in South Africa! These peeps have everything from much loved tulips to gladiolus and irises!  But here’s the thing about winter flowers, they are only around for a limited amount of time, here in SA that time is usually from April to August (with a few week falling on either side). But just for convenience sake, to help you out, here is a list of winter flowers that can be found in South Africa

Winter Flowers in South Africa


Many of these flowers and a whole heap more can be bought online at NetFlorist. So it really doesn’t matter what time of year- you can always have fresh flowers in your home!

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