Indoor Plant Care Tips for Winter

With winter fast approaching, we have thought it would be an awesome idea to give you some plant care tips for winter – to keep your plants fab and stopping them from going drab.

Indoor Plant Care for Winter
Indoor Plant Care for Winter
  1. In winter, the days are shorter, and there is nothing plants like more than light, so find the perfect spot in your house where your plants will get the most sunlight. Obviously you need to judge for yourself which plants need more or less sunlight, but a key to keeping your plants beautiful is to ensure that they get enough sunlight!
  2. You don’t have to water your plants as often as you do in warmer seasons. So, water your plants less. Only water it when you can physically feel that the top layer of soil is dry. Another handy tip is to pick up the plant. if it feels heavy, chances are that there is still enough water. If it’s light, you might need to water it.
  3. Plants cope better in warmer weather. This could be a problem in winter, so if they are indoors and you think it might be too cold for them to survive, add some extra insulation. Be careful though, if your plants are too warm, they can die too so keep them away from fires and heaters.
  4. Winter is very dry in South Africa, so if you have plants that need a lot of humidity to grow, try keeping these plants in the kitchen or in the bathroom where there is a lot of moisture in the air. If the leaves turn brown or they look a little worse for wear, give your plant a few sprits of water.
  5. Keep your plants healthy and clean by dusting it often. Removing the layer of dust will keep bugs away and help the plants to absorb more sunlight and moisture.
  6. Keep your plants looking healthy by removing the dead leaves and flowers. This will encourage the plant to grow new leaves and flowers. *grow plant grow*
  7. Plants don’t really need extra fertilisation during winter, but if you feel like your indoor plants are fading away, add a little fertilisation to keep the soil fed and strong during the colder climates.

And there you have it. Top tips to keep your plants growing and looking beautiful this winter.

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