The Best Of The Bakery – Comfort Food For Cold Months

It’s safe to say that winter is officially upon us, and the cold weather can only mean one thing… it’s time to treat your loved ones (and yourself) to some comfort food. And what could be more comforting than delicious cakes and bakes from our online bakery? Want to know the best part? The best of our bakery can be delivered straight to their door! Trust us, our range of scrumptious confections is a definite ‘recipe’ for success.

‘Cake’ Their Heart Warm

Best of the bakery

If you wouldn’t normally ‘cream’ of gifting a cake outside of a special occasion, it’s time to think about bending the rules. These delicious treats aren’t just reserved for celebrations, so don’t make your loved one wait for a birthday to enjoy a ‘slice’ of the good life. Instead, choose from a selection which includes red velvet, chocolate, rainbow cakes and even piñata cakes which contain a ‘sweet’ surprise in their centre. Oh, and did we mention that we also stock Château Gâteaux? That’s right, there’s nothing like these cakes to warm their tummies and their hearts. So say goodbye to ‘half-baked’ gift ideas, because with spoils like these you’re guaranteed to be a legend in the ‘baking’

Add A ‘Pop’ Of Flavour

Best of the bakery cake pops

We at NetFlorist never discriminate when it comes to cake, because it’s great in all of its forms. As a ‘batter’ of fact, our bakery offers many different kinds of cake to choose from including cake pops! Cake pops are the perfect bite-sized treats and are exceptionally stunning to look at! Take your pick from a variety of different flavours of cake which are all enrobed in a delicious chocolate coating and placed on a stick.

Treat Them, Near Or ‘Jar’

If you thought our cake options were done there, think again! We also have an exciting range of cupcakes in jars. These delicious desserts are the perfect way to prove that you’d never ‘dessert’ your loved one, even in the dead of winter! They’re available in a number of wonderful flavours and because they’re packaged in a jar can be enjoyed on-the-go or under a blankey binge-watching your favourite show. And the ‘icing’ on the cake? These jars can be personalised with your special someone’s name or even a super cute personalised message. In addition, they make absolutely amazing corporate desk-drops!

Make Dreams ‘Crumb’ True

Bakery cookie bouquet

Show them that you’re a ‘biscuit’ by sending them some sublime cookie and biscuit spoils. These gifts are particularly great for the colder months, as who doesn’t enjoy having a biscuit with their tea and coffee? From classic choc chip cookies to sugar cookies with icing, you’re sure to find something to satisfy their sweet tooth. Talk about stacking the odds in their ‘flavour’! These amazing morsels are available in a tin or as a beautiful bouquet which truly makes them look good enough to eat!

Win Some ‘Brownie’ Points

best of the bakery

If you’re looking for a ‘batch’ made in heaven these brownies will do the trick! We can guarantee you that your special someone will like a tin of brownies a ‘choco’-lot! Not to mention that there are a number of different toppings you can add to these sweet delights. All the way from top deck chocolate to whispers! Plus, there’s a variety of flavours to choose from, including chocolate, blondies and even peanut butter brownies! Like most of our treats, these brownies come in tins which can be personalised with the name of your loved one − that’s the ultimate way to score ‘brownie’ points.

Drive Them ‘Nuts’

Last but not ‘yeast’ are doughnuts! Doughnuts are an absolute classic baked good to enjoy with coffee! There’s no need to be a ‘whisk’ taker when it comes to gifting. Your special someone is sure to love these with their ‘hole’ hearts! Whether you go for the classic shape or doughnuts that spell out a special message, there’s no better way to make their day a-‘glazing’!

Never miss an opportunity to help your nearest and dearest take time to stop and smell the ‘flours’! Whatever their taste buds are craving, we’re bound to have something to satiate their palettes! It’s time bring them comfort in the greatest form – through delicious cakes and bakes, of course!

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