Self-Care Tips For The Holiday

Oh boy, what a year it’s been! If you’re sitting there biting your nails and pulling your hair out because you’re stressed – firstly, stop that! –  just keep calm and read on. We know it’s the busiest time of the year and family gatherings will soon be here, but don’t you fear! These self-care tips will help you and your loved ones make it through the holidays without an emotional scar!

Some months definitely went on longer than they should have and some of us have already gone into overdrive. Well, put the brakes on already! It’s time you took a break before you start crashing. Pull over to the side to see if your mind, body and soul are still in check.

Self-care tips


‘Scent’-er The Mind

Every now and then you need a little bit of TLC in your life. And no, we’re not talking about the old school R&B girl group but some good ol’ tender love and self-care. One of the best self-care tips we can offer you (other than minding your own business) is to give your brain some time-out. Whether it’s time away from the laptop or time away from the family drama.  Spend that extra time aligning your chakras and keeping your mind centred on the good things. It will be beneficial to your mental health as well!

If you’ve noticed your office bestie is always #StressedTFOut, then you should make their home a meditation station with a set of scented candles available for delivery. Not only will it keep the dark energy away (*coughs* load shedding) but it will lighten their mood too. Even though a yoga mat would be best, we think they’d appreciate getting an a-‘door’-able personalised doormat for sameday delivery too. It’s the easiest way to make them smile when they enter or leave their house, especially when you add a cute or funny message to their doormat.  And, you know, smiling is an amazing health benefit!

Spending time alone is another good self-care idea that you or your loved one could try. Be it sitting in the garden and observing nature or soaking in the bathtub with a wine glass gift in hand. And yes hubby, it’s your turn to look after the kids. Your wife deserves 2 hours (probably more) of uninterrupted me-time. Help her relax and rejuvenate by adding a few bath and body gifts to her self-care routine. Bath salts and bath bombs are the best weapons of ‘stress’ reduction!  


Aromatherapy Bath Fizzer Set Personalised Shield Initial Candle Birthday Bath and Body Tin


Work Out The Body

Whether you’re reaching for the stars or stretching the point, exercising is always a good idea. Getting the heart pumping is a good way to ‘beat’ the year-end slump too! Physical exercise is also one of the most effective self-care tips to implement. Physical health benefits include reduced risk of high blood pressure, lower risk of heart attacks and of course, some weight management – yay score! After sweating it out at the gym, it will be all systems ‘glow’. Your mind will feel refreshed and energised again. So, go on and nama-‘sleigh’ it at your weekly yoga sessions with a water bottle and some gym clothes for ladies like a racerback tank top or a T-shirt gift for him.

If they’re not a fitness freak, why not help to stretch their minds a bit? We have a bunch of stu-‘pen’-dous stationery available online that’ll look good on paper! ‘Draw’ them into a world of pure happiness with a sketchbook along with a couple of pens to let their imagination ‘run’ wild.

You could also help ‘jog’ their memory with a diary gift that they can use to jot down important information like how to practice self-care. We also think a mindfulness journal is the ‘write’ stationery gift for the friend who loves to scribble down words of affirmation and motivational quotes.


Personalised Live In Colour Sketch Book Personalised I Sweat Glitter Black Active Set Personalised Moments Mindfulness Journal


Fuel The Soul

Now you’re probably wondering why self-care is important for mental health. Well simply put ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. If your mental affairs are not in order, it will be hard to perform at your best but good self-care practices can help reduce the stress. So, the next time you’re boiling mad at what your brothers did, make yourself a cup of calming tea and take a moment to relax.

Oh no, does your friend have a case of ‘mood’ poisoning? Food is always the best cure! Give them some luxurious chocolate indulgences like a tin of brownies, decadent chocolate cake from Château Gâteaux or any comfort food from our bakery that delivers. You know, food is good for the soul and delicious (sometimes unhealthy) treats make you feel whole.

Thank goodness for streaming services! Can you imagine fighting over the remote during your time off work? Holidays are supposed to be a time when you recuperate, whether you’re binge-watching your much-loved series or laughing over what your favourite Spring TV show says about you. You shouldn’t worry over things you can’t control like the fact that your aunt brought that awful new boyfriend of hers to the family dinner. It’s always best to walk away and put your mental health first.


Personalised Chateau Gateaux Postcard Cake Great Day Brownie Box Personalised Tea Time Rooibos Tea Tin


There you have it, a few of our self-care ideas to help you and your loved ones to make it through the holidays. Like Katie Reed said, “self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you”. So, the next time you realise that things are getting too much or you see your loved one running on empty, that is the warning sign. Now is the time to fuel up and do things that make you, you again. Protect your peace and set boundaries so you can #enjoylife! Which self-care tips will you be practising these holidays?

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