The Best Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get Festive Ready

Black Friday 2021 is here and with the best Black Friday deals it means that that it will be the biggest savings of the year! Black Friday originated in the United States and is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, so with bellies full the people race to get their trollies full. If it is an American holiday, when is Black Friday 2021 in South Africa? On 26 November thousands of South Africans wait in line or online before the sun has even risen to get the best Black Friday deals.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done. We all know that December and January feel never-ending and we all end up having more month than money. So, getting the best deals and amazing savings on the things that might normally break your bank is worth it!

NetFlorist will help you get ready for the Black Friday bonanza so that you can sit back and relax during the summer holiday. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite Black Friday gifts!

Black Friday 2021


Gifts For A Spectacular Summer

Black Friday falls at the start of the South African summer! And the time is now to get yourself and your loved one ready for some fun in the sun. The warmer weather brings good vibes, cold drinks and long days outside.

Help them ‘chill’ with an ice bucket gift to keep their drinks cold. Or if they’re hitting the beach or they plan on having parties at the pool then they need a stylish pair of personalised swim trunks to make it go ‘swimmingly’. Everyone needs a colourful beach towel to get ‘wrapped’ in after making a ‘splash’.  They will have a beach ‘ball’!

Personalised Ice Bucket Black Friday Link ButtonPersonalised Breazies Swim Shorts Black Friday Link ButtonPersonalised Lemon Beach Towel Black Friday Link Button


Black Friday Gifts For Friends

They’re always there to share the latest gossip, give you relationship advice or just to hang out!  Your bestie deserves to be spoiled every day of the year, but with the holidays coming up you no longer have an excuse. So, get them the best friendship gifts available online.

Some personalised stationery gifts such as a personalised diary for sameday delivery or a personalised 2022 calendar will help them to never forget a coffee date or movie night with you. Or maybe you want to ‘tech’ their halls this festive season and buy a gadget gift online for them. A personalised powerbank will make a great gift – they are your ride or die, but you don’t want their phone to die while you are in the middle of a steamy late-night conversation. Get it? ‘Gadget’? Good! Or if you need some more gadget gifts inspiration you can view more gadget gift ideas.

You really will be best friends forever when you surprise them with the best Black Friday deals available from NetFlorist.

Personalised 365 Day Diary Black Friday Link ButtonPersonalised Friendship Bonsai Tree Black Friday Link ButtonPersonalised Confetti Power Bank Black Friday Link Button


Black Friday Gifts For Her

There’s no question that the women in your life deserve the best, no matter the occasion. But when it comes to finding the perfect gift for her it can be difficult to find something that is worthy of her. NetFlorist knows exactly what a girl wants so you can buy the best gifts for women online with the best Black Friday deals.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t lie when she sang ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. Your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or daughter will shine when you spoil them with jewellery from our online jewellery store. Our jewellery charms will certainly ‘charm’ them, but there is so much more. We’ve got necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, oh my!

She will also love something luxurious and ‘scent’-sational! There is no better time than Black Friday to buy perfume online. It doesn’t matter what her signature scent is, all of the fragrances for women we have available are completely intoxicating!

And since one can never go wrong by sending flowers as a gift, why not add some colour to Black Friday and order a bouquet of flowers online and have it delivered to her door! By applying simple flower tips from NetFlorist they can last until the new year. With the best Black Friday deals you can get her everything off her festive list once and ‘floral’.

Versace Dylan Blue Perfume Black Friday Link ButtonBlack Vase White roses Gift Link Black Friday ButtonJeweelery Bracelet Charm Link Black Friday Button


Black Friday Gifts For Him

He’s the main man in your life and he will appreciate a little something too. The greatest gifts for guys are just a click away when you let your fingers do the Black Friday shopping.  He will feel like the main man!

The best smelling cologne makes the perfect holiday gift for him. You can find a fragrance online and have him smelling fresh like a daisy all day long. What’s that? It’s the sweet smell of victory of finding him the best gift ever!

You can also use the best Black Friday deals to make the festive season ‘crate’ again! And yes, we mean ‘crate’. If he is a man of good ‘taste’ then our man crates are filled to the brim with mouth-watering munchies.

He might be really into fitness and love spending time outdoors (with our beautiful weather, who wouldn’t want to?), but if you really want to leave him breathless then our active gear range will do the trick. You can send him a personalised water bottle to make sure he stays hydrated on the go or you can send him golf balls for sameday delivery to make sure he doesn’t miss the tee-off time.

Personalised Sport Water bottle Gift Black Friday Link ButtonVersace Eau FraichePersonalised Man Crate


‘Black’ To School Gifts For Kids

Black Friday is the chance to ‘play’ around with creative gift ideas for kids. They might be small, but they matter most of all. There is a reason why we say, “like a kid on Christmas morning”! You can get their imagination and buy a plush toy online. They are soft and ready for snuggles when the nights get too dark, and cute enough to become the centre of playtime.

While back to school cannot come soon enough after the long December holidays, the back to school shopping feels like it can wait forever! Luckily, with the best deals for Black Friday, you can tick that off your to-do list before this school year is even over. Back to school gifts like pens and personalised name stickers make great stocking stuffers, while a personalised backpack means that you have their festive present in the ‘bag’. They might just actually be too cool for school!

Get inspired when getting them back to school essentials. By shopping online for Black Friday, getting gifts for the youngsters really will be child’s play.

Personalised Backpack Link ButtonPersonalised RHino Teddie Bear Link ButtonPersonalised Kids Stationery Sticker Link Button


Black Friday Gifts For The Home

Black Friday sales mean that you can finally treat yourself to those expensive brand name items you always look at. It is time to drop it like it’s ‘pot’ on those Le Creuset items for your kitchen and you can serve some serious style with Noritake plates available for delivery. You can help them to finally make the ‘cut’ and get the job done ‘chop-chop’ with a personalised biltong cutter.

And if you can’t stand the heat that these gifts bring, then get out of the kitchen…and heat up the rest of the home too! As we said before, it is the perfect time to get all of the things that you always add to your basket, but never end up getting. So say hello to a brand new doormat that will greet you at the door or gift them with a luxurious satin pillowcase which is essentially the gift of a great night’s sleep.

Their home will be so nice that they won’t want to go anywhere else for the holidays!

LeCreuset Coffee Pot Link ButtonPersonalised Doormat Link ButtonPersonalised Biltong Slicer Link Button


NetFlorist has some of the best Black Friday deals in South Africa! You can make use of the busiest shopping day of the year to make your and your loved ones’ December the most wonderful time of the year. Mark your calendar, get set and get shopping!

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