Our Top 4 Gifts For Passover

Passover is an occasion that dates back thousands of years, but is still one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the Jewish faith today. It is also known as Pesach, and is associated with freedom and liberation. This holiday commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from Egypt during biblical times.

It’s not the kind of occasion you should just ‘pass over’. Make sure you wish your colleagues, clients or employees “Chag Sameach” in the best way possible − with gifts! That’s where we come in (of course) with our top 4 gifts for Passover.

top 4 Passover giftsPassover gifts

1. Flowers

Make Passover 2021 the best yet by blessing someone special with incredible fresh flowers. Passover is a holiday that is full of symbolism, so it’s only right that the flowers you pick mean something special. Luckily our range of flowers is vast, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect blooms to send your Passover wishes. Blue and white are colours traditionally associated with the occasion, as they’re the colours that appear on the Star of David. That’s why a beautiful lily or carnation arrangement is the ideal choice. However, yellow flowers are also popular as they symbolise the joy and happiness associated with this special celebration.

Something to note is that if your colleague, client, employee (or whoever you’re sending this Passover gift to) is particularly religious you’ll want to send them flowers that are already presented in a vase or container. This is because the tradition of Passover prohibits people from cultivating or planting during the holiday. Depending on the recipient’s beliefs this could include putting flowers in a vase or giving them water.

Passover is a week-long celebration which is kicked-off by Seder dinner. The word Seder means ‘order’ and is a ritual feast, which involves the eating of specific foods to commemorate and symbolise the history and origin story of the occasion. Flowers can be used to decorate the Seder table and make a lovely Passover gift. Although, Passover flowers are just as lovely an option for their work desk too! That’s why they’re part of our top 4 gifts for Passover!


2. Flowering Plants

Flowering plants make a wonderful alternative to sending an arrangement of flowers for Passover. They’re equally as charming a decoration as picked blooms and can also be used to spruce up the table for Seder dinner. A white amaryllis is a spectacular send for this occasion, as is a basket of white or yellow chrysanthemums. Another outstanding option is a blue hyacinth! Flowering plants make a delightful send as they’re a long lasting gift that will remind the recipient of the amazing Passover celebrations for months to come!

Passover gifts

3. Personalised Wine Glasses

A personalised wine glass is a gift that will help them remember their traditions the whole year through! Kosher wine is what is traditionally drunk on Seder and throughout Passover. It is customary for four glasses of wine to be drunk as these glasses each symbolise one of the four stages of Exodus. It is also customary for an additional wine glass to be set out for the prophet Elijah.

The appeal of a personalised wine glass doesn’t just lie in its functionality, as it also makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift. If you’re concerned about gifting your colleague a wine glass at the office, you could always opt for a personalised mug instead. Believe us, any beverage is sure to taste better out of a mug or glass with their name on it!

top 4 passover gifts passover gifts

4. Homeware

Due to Seder dinner, homeware makes an amazing and super useful Passover gift. That’s why we just had to include it as one of our top 4 gifts for Passover. As we mentioned, this dinner involves many rituals, so a stunning item of kitchenware such as a chopping board is guaranteed to help them out and make the Passover celebration even more special! Personalised placemats are another great gift and are perfect for the Seder table!

Passover begins on 27 March and ends on 4 April. Help them honour their culture and traditions with these amazing gifts. There’s truly no better way to send your Passover wishes!

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