How To Place A Corporate Gift Order – A NetFlorist Guide

Spending time with colleagues has been a little different during 2021. While some have braved the Coronavirus-filled air and have physically gone into the office, most of us have only communicated with co-workers through a Zoom meeting or conversations over email. As a result, getting to know your work friends has been more difficult than ever this year, making appropriate corporate gifts for co-worker’s a tough one. But fret not, the NetFlorist Bunch have put together the ultimate ‘How To Place A Corporate Gift Order’ guide!

Before getting into the ultimate corporate gift guide, we believe it is important for employers, colleagues and co-workers to understand the importance of gifting one another in the working environment. Gifting in the corporate environment is extremely valuable for building client and employee relationships. It is also a great way to recognize hard-working employee’s or express gratitude. A well-timed corporate gift or gift hamper shows individuals that they’re valued by the company as a whole. Something as simple as a personalised diary shows your colleagues you’re willing to go the extra mile to express your gratitude. In turn, this leaves them feeling valued and appreciated. Here at NetFlorist, every new employee at our head office is gifted their own personalised mug, making them feel welcomed and a part of the work family!

Now to get back to the guide to ensure you send the perfect corporate gift:

1. Consider Your Budget

If you have a large team, it is probably better to lean towards the inexpensive side of the present budget. NetFlorist offers an array of sublime gifts on a budget. For example, we have a lovely selection of gifts under R199. This includes a Douglas Wine and Chocolate gift at only R169.95 or a mouse pad for their desk for only R99! We have gifts under R200, gifts under R300 and gifts under R400!

2. Consider The Occasion

NetFlorist boasts a wide range of gift ideas to suit all occasions. A few examples of our gift ranges are  birthday gifts, thank you gifts, good luck gifts and personalised gifts. Make sure the corporate gift suits the occasion, otherwise it could lead to some awkward office moments! With that being said, make sure you are establishing the difference between team gifts or something for a specific person. When you are wanting to congratulate your marketing team on their fantastic efforts, something simple and useful like a mug will be liked by all. However, when gifting your office neighbor for their birthday, something a little more sentimental or personal will be far more appreciated.








3. Gift Something Appropriate

You have to consider the fact that you are gifting something to your work colleague. Therefore, it needs to be corporate appropriate! For the most part, gifts that you wear on your body are not appropriate for a work colleague. This also includes red roses; those are strictly for romantic relationships only! However, a good corporate gift idea could be something like a classy bottle of wine or whiskey to suit their sophisticated taste. Not only will it make for a great drink in the evening after a long day in the office, a bottle of alcohol is also perfect to re-gift if you are in need of a last-minute spoil for someone special. Gourmet food gifts are always appreciated and welcomed. However, make sure to keep in mind any dietary restrictions or food allergies of the recipient! We can even take your corporate gift to new heights by offering free personalisation or branding! Customise your gift order with your colleague’s name, name of the business and even logo!









4. The Ordering Process

Now that you have chosen the ideal gift, the ordering process could not be easier! You have the option to open a 30-day Account with NetFlorist’s Corporate Department where you will order on a secure profile, using a PO number for records. The Corporate department also has an ordering option for cash clients. Here quotes are requested from the client for gifts needed. Once the client has approved the gifting quote, they have the option of sending through a proof of payment and pay via EFT or fill in the credit card authorisation form. It is important to note that the minimum quantity for a corporate gift is 5 items. Anything less than that will be directed to the Call Center.

To ensure you get the perfect corporate gift, send an email to some of our Corporate Consultants for orders. Reach out to,, or for all your corporate gifting needs! Order now through NetFlorist to make your colleague’s day in the office extra great!




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