Maxwell & Williams: The Stuff of Kitchen Dreams

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to get caught up in a mundane routine that often looks quite bland and ordinary. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to bring a breath of fresh air – not just into your daily life, but into your home as well. Why not draw some inspiration from NetFlorist’s newly launched Maxwell and Williams range? This stunning homeware range offers brilliant styles and aesthetics that will take any kitchen and home to greater heights.

The kitchenware range is the perfect way to give your kitchen a revamp, but it’s also a spectacular way to surprise a loved one. It makes for an immaculate wedding gift, or even a housewarming gift. No matter where it’s going, it is sure to add a little beauty to life.

Looking for Maxwell and Williams kitchenware online? NetFlorist boasts a wide selection of ceramics, porcelains and even bone china that will leave guests impressed. Make meals and drinks a complete experience with crockery, cutlery and glassware that speaks to your personality.

For the Dinner Table

Maxwell and Williams has a range of porcelain dinner sets for delivery that make serving family and guests an absolute pleasure. Give them the royal treatment with delicious meals served on classic porcelain plates and side plates. These immaculate dinner sets are the ultimate way to add elegance to the dinner table. And when they’re set atop Maxwell and Williams placemats, they are a truly inviting sight.

The porcelain range also includes contemporary serving bowls in sophisticated shapes, so that even the smallest details at the dinner table add a tasteful touch. Pair these crockery pieces with Maxwell and Williams cutlery sets and serve your drink of choice in the brand’s twinkling glassware, and you’ll surely become the host with the most.




For the Kitchen

The heart of the home deserves to be filled with the things that bring you joy. With casseroles in various designs to suit various style sensibilities, Maxwell and Williams has found beautiful ways for you to tap into that joy. Make the best of sweet and savoury dishes alike when you prepare them in these porcelain deep dishes. Because they’re easy to clean (even with a dishwasher), they’re ideal for stress-free meals! From rich, warm comfort food in the winter, to cool, fresh foods in the summer, these casseroles will quickly become a meal-prepping staple in your home.

Choose from a range of Maxwell and Williams spoon rests online to keep the mess minimal, and enjoy a meal that requires very little effort when it comes to cleaning up afterwards.


For Tea Time

Whether you’re a tea lover, a coffee addict or a hot chocolate kinda person, get spectacular Maxwell and Williams mugs delivered to you. We’ve curated a drinkware range that allows you to choose what suits your home and personality. From quirky animal-themed designs to delicate florals and minimalist options, there are many lovely ways to enjoy your favourite hot beverage. Start your mornings off with a splash of colour from a vibrant mug, or enjoy afternoon tea in a teacup with a calming hue.

If you’ll be serving guests, there’s a range of teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls that make tea-time an absolute treat. Serve them from the best in crockery and, of course, place their hot cuppa on a Maxwell and Williams coaster.

Thinking of serving a sweet treat along with tea or coffee? With stylish serving plates and tiered cake stands, the presentation will be just as sweet. Arrange yummy cupcakes on an extravagant three-tier stand, or show off moist baked goods on a floral porcelain serving dish. When it comes to the way you present your food, Maxwell and Williams makes the possibilities endless!

For You

Now we know that when it comes to hosting dinner parties, pool parties, braais, and get-togethers, you are the queen. So why not fill the royal kitchen with the kitchenware it so truly deserves. Maxwell and Williams kitchenware is exactly what you need to take your kitchen to a level of sophistication and class that will leave your guests speechless. From casseroles, to dinner sets, salt & pepper shakers, to egg cups and so much more. And if you’re looking for something extraordinary, browse through our range of Maxwell and Williams Love Hearts collection that features bold and beautiful patterns that any epicure would appreciate.


The beginning of a dream kitchen…

With the new Maxwell and Williams range at NetFlorist, every corner of your kitchen can hold a hint of magic. These Maxwell and Williams kitchenware sets are not only designed to add a refreshing touch of style to your home, but they’re also made with quality in mind. So, whether you are getting the pieces for yourself or a person you hold dear, you can purchase with the knowledge that you’re buying the best. With NetFlorist’s simple and convenient delivery service, rest assured that they’ll be there in no time. Just place an order online and we’ll have your Maxwell and Williams delivered straight to you!

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