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Christmas is finally here, all those months of behaving, all those diets that you forced yourself to follow just so you can gorge yourself on the Christmas Turducken, the small lacerations you got from the sellotape dispenser that chose that second to blunt out. All the prep has finally paid off; your turkey was beautifully seasoned and wonderfully moist, everyone got what was on their Christmas wish list and now your great uncle Harold is snoring loudly in a chair, his paper crown askew on his shiny bald head and the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree reflecting on his specs.


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We hope that Harold enjoys his Personalised Famous Grouse and that your 8 year old niece enjoys her Christmas toys – all their bright colours and their bells and whistles that will make your sister curse you at 4.30 in the morning when the flashy lights and noises start going off or when she’s tiptoeing to the bathroom and she gets a foot full of something plastic, sharp and pointy buried in the carpet.


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Whatever happens over the Christmas period, whether little Lotti lost her new beret or tiny Tim forgot his lines we hope that you at least got what you wanted, we hope that you were spoiled rotten and all your good deeds and thoughtful gifts like to the ones you love like the  bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and a bar of Lindt chocolate that you gave to your Grandad or that  sexy leather strapped watch that now sits on your husband’s wrist is rewarded. We hope that you got what you wanted and what was on your Christmas wish list. Whether it was a yankee candle or a  perfume gift set.


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Christmas Johnny Walker Black hamper

Now that the bedlam and cacophony has died down, you can reflect on your festive season – whether it is your first time hosting the annual Christmas dinner or you are a seasoned yule tide veteran we hope that you have enjoyed our 12 gifts of Christmas, we wish you all a wonderful festive season whether or not you celebrate Christmas and the happiest of happy New Years.

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