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At last the day is almost here, it’s so close that you can taste the peppermint candy canes, hear the delicate footsteps of the sugar plum fairies dancing under the Christmas tree and feel the critical eye of your mother-in-law looking for dust bunnies and signs that you are not looking after her son properly. Today is the last day to get your gifts all sorted, to put the finishing touches on your Martha Stewart inspired centre piece and your chocolate covered marshmallow reindeers. You have a shot of brandy to steady the nerves as you start to take on the turkey and make sure it doesn’t dry out, while you are fishing about for the giblets in the turkey’s jaksie visions of what lies underneath your Christmas tree, will it be that beautiful  Pandora pendant that you hinted heavily at or will it be an edible arrangement so that you can eat away your resentment to your great aunt Mildred who always criticises your cooking and seems to join forces with your monster-in-law.



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Set the festive mood with this fun edible arrangement from NetFlorist

In order to make this Christmas bearable – or if you have a perfect family and you just want Christmas to be extra special – you can ask your hubby to buy you something that sparkles for Christmas. You should ask him to buy you a beautiful 9ct gold ruby necklace; this bright and sparkly gem will certainly instil the spirit of Christmas into your heart. This beautiful Christmas gift will make up for all his little faux pas throughout the year; like the time he told you that yes those jeans did make your bum look big and yes the sound of your mother’s voice does fill him with dread and sound like an angry moose on heat.

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If he really did blot his copy book this last year and he needs to buy a Christmas gift to overshadow all Christmas gifts he can buy you the matching ring for the perfect yuletide present. If love means never having to say you’re sorry, well then nothing says  I love you this Christmas like jewellery.


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melt her heart this Christmas with a beautiful ring

Jewellery makes the perfect present any time but at Christmas it has that added little bit of magic. With  NetGifts and NetJewel we have your husband’s butt covered, especially if he is notoriously bad at gift giving and always seems to think that a box of chocolates and a CD makes the perfect gift. Which we all know is wrong, because as we have just highlighted, jewellery makes the perfect gift. So whatever you do this festive season make sure he buys you jewellery.

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