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Today is January 7th 2014, which means that we have exactly 5 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours, 45 minutes and 48 seconds left to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day surprises; we have roughly 5 weeks to get our perfect valentine’s days sorted.

Valentines Day Gifts Buy Online
Add a little flavor into your Valentines day, give each other gifts to die for.

Each year we promise ourselves that this Valentine’s Day is going to be better than last year; whether last year was a terrible disaster or the best 24hours of your life you will do it better. We tell ourselves that next year we will find the perfect gift and not simply settle for a wilted bunch of pale pink roses and a half melted box of Lindt Lindor chocolates and we swear that next year we will send the biggest, brightest, reddest bouquet of only the best quality red roses and you’ll compliment that with a chilled bottle of the finest French Champagne (or if the budget doesn’t allow then the finest sparkling wine).

Bubbles for Valentines Da

If memories of last year leave you cold and you can still feel the chilled damp tendrils of your champagne soaked hair on the back of your neck and you can’t see a plate of sea food risotto with resisting the urge to pick the pea out of your left nostril. Don’t worry; NetFlorist is here to walk you through the process if the day leaves you feeling a bit like a fish out of water with great gifting ideas which include chocs, flowers, divine hampers and experiences not to mention hints and tips if you want to move along a base or two. Or if you are a suave Casanova and know your way around a womans mind we’re here to give you the edge; we have a selection of gorgeous gifts that will put the final petal on the bed filled with petals…

Send a beautiful Edible Arrangement this Christmas
Set the festive mood with this fun edible arrangement from NetFlorist

So whether you need a little help from your friends (we mean us here at NetFlorist) to get you through the day or you just want a little something extra that will add the finishing touch to your romantic festivities and seductions we are here and more than happy to be of service. All you need to do is log on to our website and scroll through our beautiful romantic gifts, flowers and experiences.

Just stick with us we put Cupid and that Love Potion no. 9 to shame, we are after all the place where good boyfriends (and girlfriends) go to shop.

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