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Finally it’s Christmas! Finally you can put on your red and white fuzzy hat and stand waiting expectantly under some mistletoe. At last you can sing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs while driving to work, if you go to the beach this December you can make sand angels (since we lack snow here is SA) and hang decorations and Christmas Wreaths on your door. At last you can let your festive freak flag fly, embrace the festive cheese and wear that hideous reindeer jumper your gran sent you from England – just be careful because it gets hot as hades here over Christmas – but like we said let your festive freak flag fly.


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We wish you a merry Christmas

Although after all the excitement at the thought of the Christmas season is nigh, reality dawns on you and you realise that along with the silly hats and the carols come Christmas presents and the incredibly frustrating fight through hordes of angry villagers – ok shoppers – as you try to find the perfect gift.


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Finding the perfect gift is easy when you’re buying for your Dad or your brother or your boyfriend, but what about the gifts you need to get for your father in law or your great uncle Earl. Lets face it the last time you saw him was five years ago and you don’t really know what he likes. You know he’s a whiskey connoisseur and as much as you would like to buy him his favourite 18 year old malt blend that is triple distilled and 7 thousand times as smooth or some such nonsense, let’s just face it, you can’t -not because you don’t want to, Ok well that too – but you have other friends and family to buy Christmas presents for.


Buy Christmas gifts online
Buy a personalized bottle of Famous Grouse and make their Christmas a good one

Instead of panicking and just opting for the obligatory back up last minute gift of a towel or that box of 9 month of chocolates that you had forgotten about under your bed rather give him an excellent bottle of Famous Grouse whiskey, yes we know he’s a whiskey snob and you don’t want to offend his palate but we here at NetGifts really do have the answer – a  personalised bottle of Famous Grouse whiskey with biltong and nuts.


You can send great uncle Earl, Sam, George or whatever his name is a bottle of Famous Earl, Sam, George or whatever his name is. Yes you read right, you can have his name printed on an official Famous Grouse label.


It really is the perfect Christmas Present for any male member of your family, entourage or harem (yes we think women can have harems too)


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