The Coolest Gadget Gifts For The People You Love

Gadgets, gadgets, ‘gadget’ while it’s hot! Whether they’re a gaming geek, an electro music bro or an undercover tech lover, NetFlorist is your ‘plug’ on all the coolest gadget gifts to buy online. Get them geared up and supercharged to take on the day like any cliché superhero and superheroine would say.  We’ve scanned our online gift shop with our laser beam eyes and have put together the best gadget gift ideas available online for your sidekick.


Get In Tune

Orchestrate the best birthday ever when you surprise them with a gift that will bring music to their ears! And no, we’re not saying you should sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him (you should keep that for the shower), we’re talking about getting a birthday gadget gift for him. After blowing out the candles, enjoying a slice of cake, he won’t help but do a shoulder dance once he opens up his present from you to find a pair of personalised love panther headphones! We think that a headphone gift available online is the best way to stay in ‘tune’ with one another. It will also keep your love riding on the right ‘sound wave’.

Personalised DJ Headphones gadget giftPersonalised Love Panther HeadphonesPersonalised I Heart Headphones Gadget Gift


Capture The Love

It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder but creating new memories together can become harder. If your partner in crime spends hours on the road and technology is their way of staying connected to you then a sentimental gift would be the best ‘case’ scenario.  When you don’t have the words to express how you feel, a beautiful picture will ‘capture’ it all.  A thoughtful gift like a personalised cellphone cover would be the best gadget gift to buy for nationwide delivery. Their heart will ‘ring’ with joy whenever they pick up their phone and see your lovely smile or your kid’s cute faces on their custom cellphone cover gift.

Personalised Photo Samsung Cover Personalised Photo Samsung Cover - Cute Baby Photo Personalised Simple Photo Huawei Cover gadget get


Steady Chilling

We know how much you miss that friend or cousin who no longer lives around the corner. ‘Chill’ sessions with the boys just aren’t the same anymore. Enjoying a refreshing drink or two especially on a n-‘ice’ hot summer’s day doesn’t carry the same feelings as before. Trust us, when you get him a unique gadget gift online, he’ll never ever feel left out in the ‘cold’.  Your friendship will not be on the rocks like an aged whiskey hamper but smooth and chilled like a fine bottle of wine. So, go one and surprise them with a desk fridge for delivery, a gift we think they’d find super ‘cool’! It will keep the bromance up and ‘running’ just like a refrigerator.

Personalised Gold And Black Desk FridgePersonalised Cola White Desk Fridge gadget giftPersonalised Cola White Desk Fridge


Stay Powered Up

What’s a unique gadget gift idea for her you ask? Well… with all of ‘eish-kom’s’ unexpected load shedding schedules, staying online has been a pain in the butt.  For a person whose whole world would come crashing down if their phone suddenly had no battery a personalised powerbank gift is ideal. It is one way to help them take ‘charge’ of the situation. Besides, who wants to sit in the dark twiddling their thumbs?

Speaking of the dark, if you or your kids dressed up as a battery for Halloween we hope you were charged with being unoriginal by the cops. Just kidding!

But seriously though, a powerbank gadget is the ideal gift for people on the go. They can easily charge their phone as they ‘power’ walk through the city or on a night out in town. The only downtime they will experience is when they shut their eyes to go to sleep.

Personalised Unicorn Black PowerbankPersonalised Initial Romoss Power BankPersonalised Horse Power Bank


Raise The Roof

So, you’re probably thinking that we only have gifts for gadget geeks…well think again! A tool can also be seen as a type of gadget used in the DIY world. And no, you shouldn’t get them any lame ol’ things from the hardware store. It should be a unique gadget gift with a personal touch that they will appreciate! If you want to ‘knock’ it out of the park with a gift that Bob, or Barbra, the Builder ‘wood’ love, then this Personalised Hammer And Tool Box Gift is the perfect catch. This time around, your gift will come in handy!

Personalised Hammer GiftPersonalised Hammer And Tool Box GiftPersonalised Message Hammer And Tool Box


As you can see there’s a whole bunch of unique tech gifts for guys and girls here on NetFlorist’s largest online gifting and delivery site.  So the next time they say, ‘get me whatever, I don’t mind’, (meanwhile deep down they know exactly what they want), you’ll have a few gadget gift ideas to ‘shock’ them with. It is the thought that counts, but once these gadgets get them all up in their feels, they’ll appreciate you and the gift even more!

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