Back-To-School Essentials

It’s that time of year again! Time for the start of a brand-new school year and a great adventure! Now, nothing makes a fresh start quite as exciting as shopping our range of back-to-school essentials. From personalised stationery to backpacks and more, we’re here to make your back to school shopping as easy as ABC!

Think Inside the Box

Make their break time even more enjoyable with a personalised lunch box! Not only do these lunch boxes have their names written all over them, but we also have a range featuring their favourite characters like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Paw Patrol! If you were looking for the best lunch boxes for kids you’ve found them! Trust us, these are the kind of school lunch boxes they’ll never want to forget or or “accidentally” leave on the playground.

P.S. Why not check out or range of dried fruit and nuts for healthy and tasty school lunch ideas? Not to mention that these delicious treats are also vegan!

Get the School Year In the Bag

We know that finding the perfect kids’ backpack for school is no simple task. As something your little one will have to carry with them every day, they have to be comfortable, practical and − of course − stylish! This may seem like a tall order, but there’s no need to stress as our range of kids backpacks online ticks all of those boxes. There’s no doubt that one of these backpacks will make them the envy of the classroom!

Time To Take Note

Get your little one off to the ‘write’ start with amazing notebooks that will make their learning experience that much better! We have a range of adorable Hello Kitty Notebooks that are nothing less than ‘purr’-fect. Speaking of colourful characters, there’s also a number of notebooks available in the Mr. Men range, as well as the Little Miss range.

Make Your Case

Personalised pencil cases are another school essential that we have loads of! These pencil cases are not only seriously cute, but they’ll help keep them super organised in style. There’s no doubt that with the help of our amazing back-to-school stationery they’ll be the top of the class in no time at all!

Get Them Covered

Kids’ tablet covers are another modern back-to-school essential that we offer. Once again these lovely and practical tablet covers can be purchased in a number of stunning designs, featuring beloved cartoon characters. From fabulous Barbie to fearless Hot Wheels designs, these tablet sleeves are sure to enchant their young hearts.

Keep Them Up To Date

Diaries are another non-negotiable school essential, so keep them on track with one of our personalised diaries. These adorable spoils are super handy for writing down homework assignments and goals! Plus, they make it easy for you, as a parent, to keep an eye on how your little one is doing.

What are you waiting for? Get all of your back-to-school essentials deliver straight to your front door with NetFlorist. These awesome essentials are exactly what they need to make sure they’re cool for school this new year!

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