Our Best Gifts To Send During Lockdown

Our Best Gifts To Send During Lockdown

Let’s face it, 2020 was a tough year for everybody. It almost feels as if it were written by Steven Spielberg as his next big blockbuster hit! Not cool man, not cool… Which is why we’ve put together the best lockdown gifts to send, to brighten their new year.

And as we move into the beginning of 2021, it’s clear to see this year will be one with its own set of challenges to conquer. Even though we can visit our go-to restaurants and enjoy a walk in our favourite parks, life is far from normal.

However, some are unable to partake in the limited freedom allowed. Some cannot rejoice in the lifted (and reinstated) restrictions, as their health or circumstances may not allow for it – whether it be a quarantine, self-isolation, or long distance. So, if you know someone who needs some socially distanced affection and adoration, why not send them a gift they will appreciate in these unprecedented times? We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite bestsellers which are sure to put a smile on their face. Or, you could take a look at our gifting guide to lockdown anniversaries and birthdays to find the best lockdown gifts!

Best Gifts For Lockdown Luxury:

Midi Phalaenopsis Orchid Wrapped in Pink:

We’re all going crazy staring at the same four walls! But there is a way you can change it up for your special someone… flower and plant gifts like this pink midi phalaenopsis orchid! This beautiful flowering plant will liven up the workspace, living room or bedroom of whomever you send it too! Leaving a lasting impression, your loved one will think of you for the months of lockdown to come as they embrace the beauty of this orchid. What a great gift idea for her! (Or you could send them another gift to last, like a bonsai tree, a lily, succulents, or herbs)

Personalised Photo and Message T-Shirt:

A picture is worth a thousand words, so ensure he always has something to say (wherever he goes) with a personalised photo and message T-shirt! Even though he may not have many places to wear his new apparel, he will be able to relax around the house in his new favourite shirt! And if he’s like us, who have gained some lockdown love handles, then make sure to buy the correct size! Plus, we have a wide range of goodies to choose from at NetFlorist’s online clothes store, not just printed shirts!

Charlotte Rhys Soap Sensation Hamper:

Going to the spa may feel like an essential service, but unfortunately, it is not! Besides, why encourage them to leave the house and risk infection when you can indulge and pamper the spa-lover in their own home? This hamper of Charlotte Rhys bath & body products is a great way for an essential service worker to relax after an intensely stressful week responsibly and safely!

Snack Attack:

If your locked-down lover needs a way to replenish their snacks, this Snack Attack hamper is a great way to do so! Consisting of a variety of gourmet foods, like biltong, dried fruit and nuts, and Lindt chocolate, this gift will ensure they have a selection of goodies to choose from the next time they decide to stress eat!

Personalised A5 Notebook:

With so much free time on our hands during the lockdown, now is the perfect time to encourage the friend or family member who fancies themselves a writer to hone their craft! Stationery gifts are always well received! Take this personalised notebook for instance, which can function as a journal as well. Meaning, if they want to construct their Pulitzer prize-winning manuscript, or just start bullet-journaling, this is the gift for them! Pair it with laptop accessories like a personalised mouse pad, or something practical like a pencil case, and you’re in for a winning gift!

Couples Sunset Africa Clock:

Time may be dragging on during lockdown, but that doesn’t mean they can’t count the hours passing by in style. A home décor gift like this personalised wall clock is a great way to add a touch of fun and playfulness to any space, like a living room or bedroom! This gift is ideal for the newlyweds who have tied the knot before lockdown, capturing the unique beauty of the African sunset. Alternatively, you could adorn their front door with a personalised doormat customised to them!

Red Roses and Ferrero Bouquet:

A chocolate gift is always welcome, but when you pair it with a combination of romantic red roses, you just might have a way to steal that special someone’s heart! Lockdown may be getting in the way of your advances, but if you want to keep the flames of your attraction burning hotter than ever, this is the way to do it!

(Pssst! Check out our collection of love and romance gifts to find something to light their fire!)

Nutty Plant Gift Crate:

If you’re looking for a gourmet gift which has a little bit of everything, this nutty plant gift crate is the way to go! Sometimes you need to give the snack in your life something to munch on (especially to escape the lockdown boredom), so indulge them with a perfect pairing of dried fruit and nuts, chocolate, biltong and a succulent plant! With ready-made gourmet hampers like picnic baskets and man crates, you can’t go wrong!

Personalised Photo Magnets Set of Twelve:

We’re spending so much more time in the kitchen nowadays! If it’s not tending to the pile of dirty dishes which never seem to end, it’s foraging our fridges to find something to eat. That’s why a set of twelve personalised fridge magnet will add some flair to their kitchen! It will also remind them of some cherished memories you created together. Homeware gifts are a great way to send them something they’ll use every day, with a reason to think of you while they do so!

Floral Scarf with Charlotte Rhys Hamper:

Does Mom or Gran need a gift during the lockdown? Well, this floral scarf and bath and body product combo may be the way to go! Ensuring your loved one looks stylish and feels taken care of has never been easier than by buying women’s clothing online at NetFlorist! Turn it into a gifting occasion by sending a personalised gown or personalised cosmetic bag that will make this a memorable moment.

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