Lockdown Love – Gifting From a Distance

As South Africa approaches its’ 6 month in lockdown, things are beginning to assume a sense of estranged normalcy. No longer do facemasks and rigorous hand-sanitising regimes seem out of place, as we continue to live in a world of heightened awareness to our health, and to the health of others.

With germ-consciousness on our minds, and an imposed social distancing lockdown which prevents us from seeing our nearest and dearest, our relationships with friends and family are at the utmost importance. Whether you are locked down alone, with a housemate or with relatives, the feeling of isolation can still be present for those you care about, and for yourself.

But how do you continue to be present in the lives of those you cherish the most, without risking their health (and your own) in the process? The answer is simple: online gifting! NetFlorist has been proudly delivering gifts for the past 20 years, and during the various lockdown levels, we are continuing our services to ensure all those who live within our lovely nation can experience the gift of love during these hard times. Just take a look at these statistics!

Sending gifts is no substitute for spending quality time with your family or circle of friends. However, if you are wanting to show your appreciation for that special someone beyond a video call or a phone call, you could consider sending them a gorgeous flower gift from our range of varying flower types, like gerberas (or those white or blue flowers you can’t remember the name of)! With sameday, nationwide delivery, there are so many gift ideas for men and for women, that you are going to be spoilt for choice!

Lockdown Birthdays:


Celebrating your birthday during lockdown isn’t what you planned. Trust us, we understand. With the months of the year slipping by, and more people joining the reluctant lockdown birthday club, finding a special way to celebrate your birthday, or the birthday of your friends and family can be a difficult task. However, there isn’t a need to fret! NetFlorist has a large range of birthday gift ideas to choose from! Send a scrumptious and moreish birthday cake right to their door (with safety measures in place of course). Whether they are a fan of red velvet cake, chocolate cake, or all types of cake – our selection of baked goods from The Bakery and Château Gâteaux will be sure to satisfy those sugary cravings! And what birthday party is complete without celebratory birthday balloons? Even though this year they may be celebrating their birthday inside the comfort of their own home, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on making them feel extra special on their special day.

Lockdown Anniversaries:

Are you, or is someone you love, celebrating your/their anniversary during lockdown? The fact you can’t continue with your normal plans can throw a wrench in the celebrations you had laid out beforehand. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to skip this year’s anniversary. Have you considered sending them a thoughtful anniversary message in the form of a gift to highlight just how special they are to you, and to show them just how much you appreciate their presence in your life? A happy anniversary is only a click away! Delight them with a breath-taking wedding anniversary gift in the guise of spectacular jewellery to keep the fires of your romance burning strong. Pair up the jewellery with aromatic perfume or cologne for a gift that smells as beautiful as a field of flowers. Browse our collection of anniversary gift ideas for her and for him to ensure this one will be remembered for years to come!

Non-Specific Lockdown Gifts:

Maybe you’re looking to send a gift just because you can? Well, to us that’s a good a reason as any! Showing your love and affection in the form of gifts is a psychologically proven love language; and who would we be to deny you your expressions of love? Fill up their stomach with snacks like gourmet goodies, biltong and even fully packed picnic baskets for them to save for when things return to normal!

And if a gift of food isn’t your style, why not add some personality and uniqueness to their workspace, university essentials, or school bag with personalised gifts like stationery, bags and house plants? These gifts will not only brighten their day but will also give them a reason to think of you throughout it.

In summary, don’t be discouraged by the inability to see your loved ones face-to-face! Alleviate the feeling of isolation and loneliness with a precious present which will make the world feel a little brighter, even in these dark times. And don’t forget to just be nice!

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