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May has arrived quicker than a jump to loadshedding stage 6! This month, South Africans have a lot to look forward to and we’re not talking about the lovely Autumn weather or our brand-new banknotes and coins. Oh no, we’re in fact talking about the incredible selection of new online gifts at NetFlorist! Whether you’re looking to turn your best friend’s birthday into a bash, or want to surprise Granny with a gorgeous plant for her living room, you can trust these newbies to make their day. So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer and take a look at all the a-‘May’-zing new gifts at NetFlorist.

On-the-go Goodies

Our first set of newbies is ideal for the adventurers and busy bodies in your life, and also makes for great corporate gift ideas. For the early commuters, a personalised travel mug is a must. It’s nifty, durable, and ideal for warming up their daily commute on those chilly winter mornings. If you want to balance out all the caffeine that they’ll be consuming, why not add a yoga bag and a water bottle, too? Our trendy yoga tote bag hampers will remind them to prioritise their wellbeing and not just their work, because, after all, health is wealth! Lastly, for the adventurers in your life (mainly those who enjoy camping and the outdoors), we have a ‘mug’-nificent selection of new camper mugs. Made from stainless-steel, these bad boys can handle any terrain and will take hot chocolate around the campfire to the next level.

Delectably Sweet Delights

On that sweet note, let’s jump into our next set of newbies that were curated with the sweet-toothed in mind. First in line is a personalised birthday gift that’s sure to ‘raise’ the roof  –  our mouth-watering personalised birthday tube cake! This thoughtful treat will move your lucky gift recipient to ‘tiers’ of joy, and will have everyone at the party in line for seconds. The next exciting newbie that we need to Nu-‘tella’ you about is our range of indulging personalised Nutella gifts. It’s a delicious gift idea for women and men alike, and is guaranteed to bring a choco-‘lot’ of excitement. But, be sure to warn them that even though the Nutella jar has their name on it doesn’t mean they can leave it lying around the house!

Thought our sweet sensations couldn’t get any ‘crate’-er? Wait until you find out about our final newbie in this set. This spoil is both sentimental and sweet and will make any chocoholic’s heart skip a beat. It’s non-other than our new personalised chocolate crates! Filled with tasty Nestlé and Cadbury treats, these crates are what chocolate dreams are made of.

‘Plant’-astic Prezzies

If the mentioned goodies got you excited to start spoiling someone, then this unbe-‘leaf’-able set will excite you even more. Looking for thank you gift ideas to express your gratitude with? Then you certainly won’t go wrong with our new thank you orchid! This flowering plant gift will turn any space into an oasis, and truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Besides orchids, other lush newbies that you won’t want to miss sending are our new succulent hampers and anthurium gifts. These lovely plants are the perfect corporate gifts for clients or for letting someone know you’re ‘rooting’ for them!

There you have it, an incredible array of brand-new gifts to make any occasion or just because moment extra special! All of these a-‘May’-zing new gifts at NetFlorist can be found on our website, and are available for nationwide delivery. We don’t know about you, but looks like the month of May will be filled with tons of gifting joy!

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