Self-care Tips To Help Refresh Loved Ones

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Phew! Aren’t we glad that Janu-‘worry’ has finally come to an end? The holidays definitely felt too short and we simply weren’t prepared for the busyness that January brought! From prepping the kids for school and getting them back into their daily routine to catching up on all the projects and emails that we put on hold last year, 2023 is starting to take shape. The last thing we want is for you or your loved one to experience burnout, so early in the year too! That’s why we’ve rounded up these helpful self-care tips to boost your health and wellness throughout the year.


Lift A ‘Weight’ Off Their Shoulders 

It’s no secret that if your body is tired or just out of shape, it can affect your ability to think on your toes! A self-care idea to combat this is through exercise and meditation. Not only will keeping one’s body active help improve one’s physical health, but it can also help keep stress at bay. So, ‘yoga’ to help your loved ones keep fit and fabulous with our cool activewear and gear! From personalised water bottles and gym tank tops to golf balls and caps there’s something that will help release their endorphins! Not forgetting to mention, we have a collection of crystal water bottles that can help give them that much-needed energy with every sip!

Personalised Hustle Black Workout Combo Rose Amethyst Gem Water Bottle Personalised Golf Clubs Tin Gift Set

Give It A Rest – Literally! 

We all know how difficult it is to get 8 hours of sleep every single day! We can debate whether 8 hours is too much or too little, but the fact remains that a good night’s rest is a good self-care tip that everyone can get aboard! Sleep is super important because we need to give our minds and body some time to rest and recuperate. The less we feel lethargic and sleep-deprived, the more productive and energised we’ll feel during the times we are awake and need to work, play with the kids or do any house chores. So, remind your loved ones to catch some much-needed zzzs by sending them a soft personalised pillowcase to lay their head on. That’s not all! Take it a step further by spoiling them with silky satin pyjamas that are guaranteed to take them to la la land in no time!

Personalised Nap Queen Gown Personalised Satin Pyjamas Box Personalised  Pillowcase

‘Mind’ Their Business 

Does the saying, ‘keep your nose out of people’s business’ sound all too familiar? Well, if there’s one exception to that rule is when it concerns their mental health. So many people suffer in silence and may be afraid to ask for help. Your kind gesture may just help them feel less alone. Whether it’s by being there, lending an ear, comforting them, or giving them words of encouragement, these things will mean a lot to them. NetFlorist also has a lovely collection of mindfulness journals and colouring-in notepads that can help put their minds at ease. These gifts come with daily prompts of things they can do and have sections that allow them to jot down their feelings, aspirations and challenges. How’s that for minding their business!

Personalised Colour-in Pad Personalised Sketch Book Personalised Mindfulness Journal

Be Heaven-‘scent’

As the saying goes, self-care isn’t selfish. It’s self-love after all! In a world filled with goal-chasing, climbing the corporate ladder or just running the household smoothly, things can get overwhelming. It’s during these times when you or your loved one needs to unwind and recentre. What better way to help your friend or darling sister slow down time than with a bath and body hamper? There’s so much healing and calmness that comes from running a bubble bath, lighting scented candles and listening to your favourite tunes. Or even sitting in a room in complete silence, with a smooth glass of wine or whiskey is absolutely perfect. Our hampers come filled with personalised gowns, bath fizzers, eye masks, luxurious soap and bath foams! And, yes, there’s a pamper gift for him as well! Self-care is for everyone after all!

Personalised Leatherette Gents Black Wash Bag Hot Bath Gift Set Personalised Scented Candle Set

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to take some time out to relax and nurture your mind, body and soul. It may be dedicating a day to doing what sets your soul on fire or doing nothing at all! We hope you found these simple self-care tips useful and have given you ideas on how you can help refresh those closest to you. And remember to keep encouraging your loved ones to incorporate these tips into their routine, so they don’t burn out!


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