4 Ways To Survive The Winter Blues

Suffering from the winter blues really ain’t no sunshine. It can make you feel tired, de-motivated, and down in the dumps. If you’ve ever experienced this seasonal sadness, then you’ll know how important it is to find something that can cheer you up. Whether it’s a walk outside, some self-love pampering, or a treat-yourself gift, we’ve got the goods to make your day a little less blue and a whole lot brighter. Here are four ways to survive the winter blues:

1. Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Many of us prefer to stay indoors during the winter months. We snuggle our blankets and enjoy the comfort of life as couch potatoes. Even though this can be wonderful, too much of it can make you feel bored and frustrated! That’s why getting fresh air and soaking up vitamin D from the sun is so important to boost your mood. There are many wonderful ways to do this. You can enjoy a picnic outdoors with your loved ones, go for a hike with friends, or spend time in the garden planting some new plant babies. Just remember to stay hydrated and keep a water bottle at hand!

Picnic basket Cerise rose bush Personalised water bottle

2. Cook A Nourishing Meal

Cooking a heartwarming meal is always a great idea in times when you’re not feeling like your freshest self. Not only does it keep you busy, but it also warms up your body and your soul! We have fantastic homeware gifts that will make your time in the kitchen extra fun. Treat yourself to a new apron and you’ll look oh-so-stylish whilst cooking up a storm. Or if you’re someone who loves to sip on a glass of wine whilst stirring the pots, then some personalised glassware will be right up your alley. Turn your delicious meal into a feast, with a stunning table setting that features your favourite crockery, cutlery, and placemats!

Denim apronPersonalised wine glassPersonalised placemats

3. Enjoy A Day Of Pampering

Cold weather and winter blues call for a day of self-love and pampering. When you’re feeling ‘bleh’ nothing beats taking a steaming hot bath or shower with ‘scent’-sational bath and body products. It leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, plus you’ll smell like a dream afterwards! So, make the most of that much-needed ‘me time’ and spoil yourself with a luxurious Charlotte Rhys or Greenleaf hamper! When your pamper session is over, get into a cosy gown, light a candle, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere with a good book or that long waited series you’ve been meaning to watch.

Greenleaf hamperGownPersonalised candle

4. Invite Friends For A Movie Date

Being surrounded by people who know how to put a smile on your face might just be the ultimate cure for winter blues! Go ahead and invite your special friends for a movie date. Pick some all-time favourite movies, laugh until your stomach hurts, and enjoy the company of your amigos. But, don’t forget the tasty movie snacks! Our gourmet snack hampers promise to satisfy everyone’s taste buds or opt for something decadent like a chocolate crate. Pair it with some fresh doughnuts from The Bakery, and they’ll be in for an appetizing time!

Snack hamperChocolate crateDoughnuts

Here at NetFlorist  we know that the winter blues are no joke. But we are confident that our four recommendations will cheer you up in no time! So, be sure to check out our awesome spoils and gifts, and make this winter all about you and the ones you love. We offer nationwide delivery to all major cities and the smaller towns in between.



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