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Father’s Day 2023 is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this occasion than by appreciating the hilarious and endearing quirks of our dads? From their unique sayings to their amusing habits, fathers have a way of bringing laughter into our lives (even though we hate to admit it at first). So, as we gear up to honour them on 18 June 2023, we’ve put together a short list of dadisms – funny things that Dads do and say – along with the best Father’s Day gifts to match their one-of-a-kind personalities.

Jovial Gifts For The Jokester Dad 

Ah, dad jokes—the pinnacle of cheesy humour. Whether it’s a cringe-worthy pun or an unexpected punchline, dads have an uncanny ability to make us groan and chuckle at the same time. From saying things like, “What do you call a fake noodle? An ‘impasta’” to “Can February March? No, but April May”, their repertoire knows no boundaries. To complement their sense of humour, consider getting Dad a greeting card with a funny Father’s Day message to make him giggle. Or, send a fancy journal and pen set his way so he can jot his next joke down, which he’ll shamelessly share with you.

Personalised Stationery SetPersonalised Father's Day giftPersonalised greeting card

Delightful Gifts For The DIY Dad

Every dad seems to possess an uncanny desire to fix things around the house, often resulting in comical outcomes. From upside-down shelves and slightly crooked picture frames to poor plumbing fixes, their well-intentioned DIY projects can leave us in stitches. Give his DIY spirit an uplift by sending Dad a beer crate filled with refreshing bottles of craft beer or cool drinks. You can even personalise Dad’s alcohol gift with a message that says, “Dad’s DIY Disasters” or “World’s Okayest Handyman” on his personalised mug as a touch of humour. That’s not all, some of our Father’s Day gifts online come with a handy multitool gadget to help give him some much-needed confidence on his next project.

Personalised Beer CratePersonalised Worlds Greatest Dad MugPersonalised Father's Day Gift

Brilliant Gifts For The Braai Master Dad

When it comes to grilling, dads transform into culinary superheroes. Armed with their trusty spatula and a never-ending arsenal of grilling tips, they take charge of the braaing station with gusto. Whether it’s their questionable slops and socks combo or braving the cold weather during load shedding, fathers sure do take their braai duties seriously. So, indulge their grilling passion with a Father’s Day gift to match, like a personalised apron to make him look more official behind the braai stand. A personalised gown will surely keep him cosy too during the chilly weather. Or, you can warm his toes with a set of quirky socks that will make sure he grills his meat with a huge grin on his face.

Personalised ApronPersonalised Socks For DadPersonalised Gown For Him

Spoils For The Sports Fanatic Dad

Fathers and sports go together like PB and jelly. Whether they’re the unofficial coach shouting at the TV during a big game or unashamed to wear their team’s jersey even though they’re on a losing streak, their dedication to sports can be both amusing and endearing. These classic dadisms are things we can let slide though. A fitting gift idea for him would be our unique personalised clothing (so he can give his sports jersey a break). Another Father’s Day gift you can get your sporty dad is an activewear item, like a cap, golf balls or a gym bag to gear him up for his next game.

Personalised Sports Bag For HimPersonalised T Shirt Gift For DadPersonalised Golf Kit Tin

Terrific Spoils For Dad’s Tech Troubles 

Is your dad always puzzled by the latest tech and gadgets? Well, you’re not alone! These common dadisms can be identified by most of us. Many dads find themselves in hilarious predicaments when navigating the digital and AI worlds that millennials and Gen Z are so used to. From saying phrases like, ‘Send me a what’s up’, or asking you how to transfer the footage on his video cassette to his memory stick, dads sure have their share of troubles. Embrace his tech-challenged moments with our cool gadget gifts, like a personalised powerbank or a desk fridge that are a bit easier to navigate. Or, kit his electronic devices out with a super stylish laptop bag or tablet sleeve. Now that’s a Father’s Day gift idea that will win Dad over!

Personalised Powerbank gift for himStationery gift - laptop sleeveFather's Day Gift - laptop bag

Pops’ Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the funny dadisms that we all can relate to. From their eye-rolling dad jokes and hilarious tech troubles to their DIY mishaps and braaing prowess, fathers bring humour and joy to our lives in their special way. This year, surprise your dad with a gift that matches his quirks and showcases your appreciation for his funny side. Whether it’s a bottle of alcohol to cheer his DIY projects on, or an apron to encourage him to keep calm and braai on, these gifts will undoubtedly bring a smile to his face. So, send your Father’s Day wishes to all the amazing dads out there and order a gift from NetFlorist for delivery straight to his doorstep!

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