Gifts Bosses Appreciate: Insights From The Corner Office

As Boss’s Day -16 October- approaches, many of us find ourselves contemplating “what kinds of gifts bosses appreciate” or “What to get your boss on Boss’s Day?”. This year, we decided to take a different approach and go straight to the source. We’ve had the privilege of overhearing conversations between managers and we’ve discovered their favourite Boss’s Day gifts and the reasons behind their choices. So, if you’re wondering what to get your boss or how to celebrate this special occasion get ready for some inside scoop on what bosses appreciate.

The Visionary Boss:

The visionary boss is the dreamer, the one who envisions the bigger picture and constantly pushes their team to new heights. They adore gifts that reflect their forward-thinking nature and those that assist them in their day-to-day quest for progress. Don’t believe us? Peep this office chatter:  “I’m always planning for the future, and I love it when my team supports that vision. So, this year, my team bought me a personalised planner. It was absolutely perfect because it helped me honour my daily commitments and stay accountable while organising their innovative ideas.” Other managers gave a nod of agreement to the gift idea and also suggested a touch of greenery, like a bonsai plant or succulent, which adds a sense of growth to their workspace without being too distracting. So, it’s safe to say they love gifts that they can use in the long run.

Bonsai PlantPersonalised planner set and journalGifts bosses appreciate: Mouse pad set

The Mentor Boss:

If your boss is also your mentor then you’re definitely wondering how to celebrate Boss’s Day this year. But, worry not because we have just the answer you need. The mentor boss is the wise sage of the office, always ready to impart knowledge and guide their team members toward success. When asked which gift they loved receiving, their response was: “All of them. Helping my team succeed is what I’m all about, and I cherish any gift that shows appreciation for that.” So, it’s safe to say that they value gifts that show your appreciation for their mentorship.

Consider a personalised mug bearing a heartfelt Boss’s Day message or a quote that will give them motivation to keep going. What’s wonderful about this gift is that it pairs nicely with our coffee and tea hampers, accompanied by delectable biscuits from The Bakery to help kickstart their day on a positive note. These gifts will warm their hearts with every sip. To complete the gesture, include a greeting card expressing your gratitude for their daily words of motivation.

Gifts bosses appreciate: Coffee and Lindt cholate HamperChocolate truffle cakePersonalised mug

The Results-driven Boss:

“I’m all about achieving excellence, and gifts that support my journey are my favourites”, are words from a boss that is all about the outcome. A well-calculated Boss’s Day gift will be perfect for this manager. They appreciate gifts that align with their pursuit for success, essentially gifts that fuel their drive. Their No.1 favourite gift idea was delicious gourmet snacks and treats, such as biltong, dried fruit and nuts. Apparently, with a treat at arm’s reach, they can zero in on their tasks with precision. They also said they appreciate an efficient workspace because it works for their productivity. A stylish desk organiser, along with personalised stationery, will match their drive and assist in documenting their achievements.

The Empathetic Boss:

The empathetic boss is the one who prioritises people and understands and cares for their team on a personal level. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to find co-workers deliberating over the perfect Boss’s Day gift idea for their amazing boss. When asked what gifts bosses appreciate for this occasion their answer was, “I can only speak for myself. But, caring for my team is my top priority, and gifts that show appreciation for that mean the world to me.” Therefore, a gift like a personalised photo frame featuring a memorable team photo or a heartfelt message on a greeting card can convey your gratitude for your boss’s dedication to the team’s well-being.

Some love ending the day with a good bottle of wine or a drink and relaxation just to unwind. Surprise them with a bath and body hamper and a satin gown to help them relax after work, complete with soothing bath bombs and scented candles. This type of gift says, “Here’s a little something to say thank you for all you do for others.”

Gifts bosses appreciate: Montagu assorted gourmet snacksBath and body hamper: Charlotte Rhys hand and body lotion, Charlotte Rhys bath salt, Charlotte Rhys liquid soap, a vanilla candle in a glass, and a beautifully wrapped and deliciously fragranced fizz ball.La Motte wine and Lindt Milk chocolate set

Still unsure what to get for Boss’s Day? Well, we have a wide selection of gifts that are sure to delight your manager. And remember, Boss’s Day 2023 is not just about giving a gift; it’s about understanding your boss’s personality and preferences while showing appreciation for their unique qualities. Whether they’re a visionary, mentor, results-driven, or empathetic boss, NetFlorist offers a wide range of amazing gifts bosses appreciate, that can convey your gratitude and celebrate their distinctive traits. So, send them a gift you know they’ll love because they’ve told you so.

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