4 Grand Gestures For Grandparents’ Day

photo of a grandson, son and grandad

If it’s not their adventurous tales from their younger years, it’s their ability to make their teeth disappear and reappear like a true magician! Grandparents have been on this lovely green earth for a long time. They never cease to amaze us with their wisdom, soft touch that makes our aching bellies feel better, and unique skills they’ve learned over time! And with Grandparents’ Day 2022 coming up on the 11th of September, there’s no better time to encourage the little ones (or yourself for that matter) to spend some uninterrupted time with Gogo and Gramps. And no, TVs and phones must be off because it’s a day for creating unforgettable moments with Gran and Grandpa. If you’re raising your eyebrows in confusion, don’t panic just yet! We’ve compiled a cute little list of 4 grand gestures for Grandparent’s Day that you can use as inspiration!

1. A Garden Variety Of Activities

Spring is in the air and the sun is shining bright! What better way to have fun with Umkhulu or uGogo than with an outdoor activity? An easy and fruitful thing the kids can do with their grandparents is to plant some lovely chrysanthemums, opulent orchids or any flowering plant in the garden! Oupa can share his fool-proof tips on how he grows ‘bloom’-tiful flowers. The kids can share their latest discoveries on birds and insects they learned at school! This gesture for Grandparents’ Day is entertaining and smart because you and the kids will be encouraged to visit Gran or Grandad more and to check on your little seedlings’ growth!

gardening for Grandparents' Day gardening gesture for Grandparents' Day Grand gestures for Grandparents' Day

2. ‘Bake’ Them Smile

Have you ever tasted anything that’s as good as your granny’s baked treats? We think not! Gran’s biscuits and cakes are always the best because she makes them with lots and lots of love! So, why not round up the troupes and bake grandma cookies for Grandparents’ Day? Don’t forget to add rainbow sprinkles, chocolates and cherries on top so it’s as yummy as Nkgono makes them! Whether you decide to do it as an activity together with Gran or surprise her with a batch of delicious cupcakes for sameday delivery, Gran will surely love it! Just remember to choose the most creative and colourful design so Nkgono and Ntatemoholo can taste and see your love!

Gourmet Brownies for GrandpaPersonalised Chocfull Cookie Tin for GrandpaCoffee and Chocolate Naked Cake 20cm

3. Put On A Show

Yes, we know we said no to watching TV or streaming any series on any digital device, but that’s not what we had in mind! We’re talking about unlocking your inner Pinocchio or Little Red Riding Hood acting skills and performing for grand and grandad! Put on your best impersonations and find the cutest kids’ costumes and clothes to match! You can bring them into the action and get a scarf for Gran or playful socks for Grandpa so they can play along too! If they stay at a nursing home, everyone there will enjoy a laugh or too while you and the kids re-enact the best musicals and plays. This sure is the best way to celebrate Grandparents Day because it has high entertainment value and everyone will have fun doing it!

4. Send A ‘Note’-worthy Surprise 

If there’s one thing that grandparents love doing, is storing old photos and trinkets. They enjoy looking back at the past as a reminder of a special time they once experienced. It only makes sense to write a sentimental card for Grandpa or for Gran filled with all the things you love about them. Or, you can order a one-of-a-kind personalised gift for a granny like a glass tile and add a precious picture that will make her smile. Gogo and Gramps will definitely hold this close to their heart because it’ll feel like you’re near them, even though you’re miles apart.

What started as a small idea to get families to visit the elderly living in old age homes, turned out to be a big occasion encouraging families to spend more time with the elderly. Not only that, it’s a day dedicated to learning from the wise and helping kids know what life was like during their time. So, what better way to honour this special day than with these 4 grand gestures for Grandparents’ Day? The love shared between a grandparent and their grandkid is a special one and it deserves to be celebrated at any and every chance given! So, which of these activities will you and the kids be doing with Ouma and Oupa?

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