All The Best Chocolate Gifts For World Chocolate Day

There’s one word in the dictionary that can tickle your tastebuds instantly without it being said out loud. The sheer thought of it alone can make your mouth drool in anticipation of your next indulgence. No, it’s not soft cheese or freshly baked bread, it’s chocolate! And with World Chocolate Day 2022 coming up on the 7th of July, it only makes sense that you ready yourselves to celebrate this occasion in the best way possible! Wondering how? Yup, you guessed it, with only the best chocolate gifts that NetFlorist has to offer! Whether they like it rich and creamy or salty and crunchy, we have a treat that will tickle their fancy! So, stop daydreaming about what your favourite chocolate tastes like and start thinking of a sweet gift gesture that will drive them ‘cocoa’!


Raise The Chocolate Gifting Bar 

In life, there are two types of people. There are those who send ordinary and uninspired gifts. Then there are those who raise the bar of gifting by choosing something extraordinary! If the second person sounds like you, then a personalised chocolate hamper is just the spoil to take your gifting up a notch! Forget about pulling tricks out of a hat when they can pull out treats from their own hat box filled with assorted Nestlé, Lindt or Cadbury selections. And what’s better than a hat box full of chocolate bites? One that has their name written all over it! Give them that tingly feeling by adding their nickname or a heartfelt message to their personalised gift.  

‘Truffle’ Their Feathers 

Whatever the question is, chocolate is always the answer! Whether they’re feeling under the weather or super stressed out at work or school, an indulgent bite from Lindt’s chocolate range will keep them going! If they’re a nutty bunch and would prefer something with a bit of crunch, then you have to give them the ever-so-tasty truffles from Ferrero Rocher! What about your friend who loves all things South African? You can’t go wrong with Amarula’s luxurious dark chocolates, mixed with ivory ganache and velvety Amarula Cream liqueur. It’s the taste of Africa that will make them feel whole!

Don’t leave out that colleague who always checks up on or never fails to make you laugh! Tell them they’re just the sweetest with a unique chocolate gift for World Chocolate Day! You don’t need to scratch your brain for the perfect gift because we have tons of unique Sweetie Pie hat boxes filled with yummy whipped cream on a crispy wafer biscuit, coated in delicious milk chocolate! The beauty about chocolate is that it tastes so damn good no matter what you pair it with! It’s easy to show a special someone some choco-‘love’ with Sally Williams’ dark Belgian chocolate interlaced with roasted nougat. If the person wants more of the chewy goodness, a nougat enrobed in milk chocolate will do just the trick! Trust NetFlorist to have all the best gifts for chocolate lovers at just a click away!


‘Bake’ Chocolate Day Tasty 

The best part of the cocoa bean delicacy is that you can enjoy it in so many different ways! Whether it’s dipped in juicy strawberries or mixed with milk and flour to make a batch of delicious baked goods, the taste only gets better! We can’t think of a better way to warm their belly than with sweet and blissful tasting comfort food this winter season! We have a drool-worthy selection of chocolate cakes online that are hard to resist! Some come layered with moist chocolate mousse, and others come sprinkled with scrumptious sweets and chocs. For that perfect -me-time moment, we have fluffy cupcakes and ultra gooey and chocolate brownies! Luckily for you, NetFlorist’s online bakery shop delivers sameday! So, it means you can get their freshly baked chocolate cake delivered to them as quickly as they can gobble it up!

Dipped StrawberriesBest chocolate gift for cake lovers


A Blend Of The Very Best Chocolate Gifts 

What could be better than eating melt-in-your-mouth delicious chocolates all day long? Cuddling with a soft teddy bear, being blown away by a cute balloon or taking in the beauty from a bunch of flowers! Our edible arrangements are heart-winning wonders that will delight your friend, lover or colleague on World Chocolate Day. Whisk your darling off their feet with a ‘rose’-mantic floral bouquet that has irresistibly smooth Lindt chocolates tucked in the middle. Make their heads float above the clouds with the sweet euphoria from a chocolate kiss paired with an adorable balloon! Give a loved one the ‘bear’ necessities to survive the cold winter nights like a yummy cuppa hot chocolate and a fluffy teddy and chocolate hamper for them to hold on tight to.

Best chocolate gift for her


Finding the best gift ideas for World Chocolate Day will be no ‘truffle’ at all when you shop online at NetFlorist! We have every kind of chocolate spoil that will whet their appetite and send them to heaven. From finger-licking chocolate slabs and balls to delectable chocolate cakes and doughnuts, there’s a gift that will tickle them silly! Don’t be the one to crush their spirit on this quirky occasion! It’s the perfect time of the year when they can eat as much chocolate as they want, without being judged or told to save some for later. Hurry along now and get gifting today!

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