6 Reasons To Love Spring

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Can you hear the birds chirping loudly? Is there a sweeter scent that you’re smelling in the air? Are you wearing fewer layers of clothing since the days are getting warmer? Well, guess what? Spring 2022 is just around the corner and we simply can’t wait for the new season to kick in! What’s there not to love about a season filled with light rain showers, cool weather that’s not scorching hot and nature returning to its former green and luscious self? Almost nothing! In fact, we’re giving you 6 reasons to love spring!

1. Sprouting Flower & Plant Season

Who can deny the joyful feeling that comes with seeing fresh flowers blooming everywhere? We’ve missed seeing their pretty faces in our gardens and landscapes during the colder months, but they’re finally coming out of hiding this spring season! Beautiful blooms like sunflowers or the ever-so-colourful tulips can easily make anyone’s ‘daisy’ 10x better! If you sent your loved one a spectacular plant gift like an orchid or a begonia in winter, they’ll start to see their tiny little buds opening up! How’s that for a pleasant surprise?

Midi Phalaenopsis Orchid For SpringRadiant Tulips BouquetSunflowers in Ceramic Water Jug

2. Sprucing Up The Home

Another good reason to love spring is that you get to brighten up your living room and bedrooms with colourful home décor items! It’s time to pack away woolly blankets and scatter floral-patterned pillows on the couch and the bed! It’s also a great time to dust your photo frames or replace them with magnificent glass tiles! If you’re planning to host braais and get-togethers, now’s the ideal time to show off your spring collection of dinnerware! Deck your tables with stunning Maxwell and Williams cups and plates, or go the sophisticated route with artistic snack bowls and servers from Carrol Boyes.

3. Spring Cleaning The Space

There’s something therapeutic about re-organising and decluttering a space in the house. During September many people spring-clean their homes by moving furniture and ornaments around and putting winter clothes at the back of the closet. Others see it as an opportunity to bring new energy and style into their kitchen which means it’s the ideal time to spoil them with our classic storage jars! Whether they use them to house their spaghetti and rice or use it to put their delicious baked goods on display, these glass jars promise to be ‘pantry’ droppers!

Personalised Floral Name Glass JarSpring cleaning with storage boxesPersonalised Family Name Glass Jar Storage

4. Sensational Scents And Fragrances

Flowers aren’t just beautiful, they’re fragrant, too! Flowering plants like heavenly hyacinths and lovely lilacs can bring a mesmerising scent to any room they’re placed in, which makes them amazing gifts for spring! Flowers aren’t the only ways to bring a fresh fragrance into their homes, bath and body hampers, perfumes and colognes work perfectly, too! Give the special guy in your life a refreshing musky and woody scent or the wonderful woman a light citrusy scent that will turn heads everywhere they go.

5. Sunny Days And Picnics

We love, love, love the sun because we get to enjoy the outdoors more without worrying about getting too cold! Also, we can play outside for longer hours since the sun only sets much later. And what better way to take in the sun’s rays and prepare for fun days than with a picnic with friends and family? NetFlorist has just the perfect selection of picnic baskets that will add joy to the day outing! What’s even great, is that our picnic baskets come pre-packed with dried fruit and nuts, a bottle of champagne and even light deli delights! How yummy?


Personalised Lets Picnic Blanket Valdo Floral Prosecco Spring Gift Hamper Two Person Black Willow Picnic Basket

6. Brand Spanking New Clothes

Ahh yes, with the new season it means we can go back to wearing our flowing printed dresses, breezy shorts and cosy personalised spring-themed T-shirts! Not forgetting the stunning accessories that complete the outfit, like straw bags, belts, funky socks and classic satin scarves! This has to be one of the top reasons to love spring! You simply can’t shake off that good feeling that comes with showing off your new clothes, especially if they were given to you as a gift by your partner or your mom!

As you can see there are lots of reasons to love and celebrate spring! It’s a wonderful time for all to enjoy sunnier days with flowers, new clothes, home décor and more! What’s your reason for loving spring?

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