Show Your Appreciation This Secretary’s Day

Imagine the office without your administrative professional. It would be chaotic! We are picturing a few missed meetings, frantic searching for the correct documents, and some degree of broken telephone! There’s no denying that secretaries are indispensable to any company or organisation. Besides bringing administrative skills to the table, they also bring a sense of calm to the work environment. These amazing individuals deserve much more than a pat on the back. So, show your appreciation this Secretary’s Day (7 September) with gifts filled with gratitude! To make things easier for you, we have curated a range of thoughtful Secretary’s Day gift ideas that will warm your secretary’s heart with joy:

Practical Yet Personal Presents

Tell them they are valued and send a practical gift that has an added personalised touch! Your administrative professional will be over the moon to receive a present that is made specifically for them! Especially, if they can use it every day! Our selection of personalised Secretary’s Day gifts consists of a variety of spoils that will fit every company’s budget.

We all know how important that first cup of coffee or tea is in the morning. A nifty travel mug will ensure that their morning cuppa stays hot and that they are ready for action when they arrive at the office. Alternatively, you can value them with a stunning water bottle for admin. Great employers should always prioritise employee well-being and that includes making sure that your secretary stays hydrated!

If you want to go all out and express your gratitude with a generous gift then personalised stationery like a timeless Parker pen for an employee is an amazing way to honour them. Or you can spoil them with a stylish new laptop bag to hold their electronics and important documents.

Personalised travel mugPersonalised water bottlePresonalised Parker pen

Tasty Teatime Treats

Staying on top of everyone’s deadlines and meetings takes a lot of brainpower! We all know how important it is to stay fuelled throughout the day. What better way to energise your administrative professional than with some delicious dried fruit and nuts? Our dried fruit and nut hampers are healthy, tasty and suitable for Halaal and Kosher diets.

If you know that your secretary enjoys something sweet during teatime, then indulge their taste buds with delectable baked goods from the bakery. From mouth-watering cupcakes and cakes to fresh doughnuts, you are spoilt for choice! We can even deliver these freshly baked treats directly to the office for your convenience.

If you’re certain that your secretary enjoys both sweet and savoury snacks then give them the best of both worlds with a gourmet snack hamper. With yummy gifts like these, the whole office will want to join in on the Secretary’s Day celebration!

Dried fruit and nuts hamperThank you doughnutsGourmet snack hamper

Stress-free Spoils

After a busy day in the office, all your secretary probably wants to do is put up their feet and relax. Help them unwind with a ‘scent’-sational bath and body hamper.  By listening to calming music and enjoying some me-time your secretary will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the week.

But, who said stress-free environments are only for the home? Promoting a stress-free environment in the office is just as important! A great way to make them feel calm whilst working is to ensure that their desk features a soothing office plant. Or you can add a pop of colour to their desk with a beautiful bunch of Secretary’s Day flowers!

On days when they need something stronger than fragrant flowers and a long hot bath, a good old glass of wine or whiskey is completely acceptable. Browse our selection of fine alcohol and delight them with something that they can sip during happy hour!

Thank you bath and body hamperBonsai treeLa Motte wine

Hopefully, our selection of Secretary’s Day gifts has inspired you to be extra thoughtful this year! Ultimately, there is no better way to acknowledge your admin professional’s hard work, dedication, and skills than with a meaningful thank you gift. Go ahead and show them how much you appreciate them by ordering a gift online with NetFlorist!



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