Personalised Gift Ideas – Put Their Name On It!

Everyone loves receiving a gorgeous gift. It sparks one of the most special feelings in the world – the feeling of being appreciated! You know…that warm, happy feeling where you feel like your heart might bounce out of your chest? We bet you do! Whether it’s a birthday gift or a good luck present, almost any gift can make you feel this way. But there’s something about personalised gifts that just multiplies this feeling by ten. So, if you’ve been looking for perfect personalised gift ideas for a friend or loved one, then look no further, because at NetFlorist one of our gifting mottos is ‘if you like it then you gotta put their name on it!’

Our personalised gift options are almost as endless as the stars in the Milky Way, and trust us when we say, it will leave any gift recipient star struck! Choose between mouth-watering baked treats, a range of décor items for their home, or ‘fun’-tastic gifts for kids. There is no limit when it comes to our personalisation categories AND we cater for all occasions for him and her.

Got Their Back

There’s no better way to tell a friend that you’ve got their back, than with a personalised T-shirt. Make it memorable by adding their name and a cool photograph of the two of you. Are they your ‘sole’ mate? Why not gift them some personalised socks! Everyone loves a pair of comfortable socks and when you add a personal message it will remind them that you’ll always walk by their side! Throw in something extra like a timeless leather wallet and personalise that too.

Personalised TshirtPersonalised socksPersonalised wallet

Sweets Glorious Sweets

Are they the world’s biggest sweet tooth? Then satisfy their cravings! Our bakery is widely known as the best bakery in Johannesburg, because we bake beautiful, personalised birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies that turn any celebration into a feast. Now if you want to get them something really extravagant, let them indulge in a personalised macaroon box. It will make them feel like they’re on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Personalised bday cakePersonalised cookiesPersonalised macaroons

Drinks On Us

It’s not a party if there aren’t drinks involved, and our fine range of personalised alcohol gifts are bound to be a knockout. Celebrate their wedding anniversary, graduation or housewarming with one of our alcohol crates that have been personalised with their name and the date. This way they’ll remember the occasion forever! Our personalised beer crates are also a great Father’s Day gift, or spoil mom with a special birthday bubbly.

Personalised wine cratePersonalised beer cratePersonalised bubbly

Home Décor Deluxe

Looking for ways to say welcome home? Say it with a personalised doormat! This gift will make any house feel like a home and is the ideal home décor gift for newlyweds. You can also take it a step further and include a wall clock that has been personalised with their wedding photo. This way you’ll always be invited back to their home for ‘wine’ o’clock!

Personalised doormatPersonalised clockPersonalised frame

Kids Are King

Of course, we can’t forget the real kings and queens of the household! Our personalised kids gift range is too cute for words! Make bath time a bliss and get them all warm and snuggly with our personalised gowns. Or make mom’s life easy by gifting them a lunch box with their name on it. They’ll never leave their lunch box lying around at school again, because it will be simply too special!

Personalised kids gownPersonalised lunchboxPersonalised kids Tshirt

At this point you’re probably planning which of these personalised gifts you should be sending to your friend or loved one? Well, then you’ll love this part even more, because there’s a lot more personalised gift options available on our website. So get comfy, embrace the personalisation mindset and let the gifting begin!







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