Valentine’s Day Is Around The Corner – What’s Their Love Language?

Let’s admit it, no matter how much you love Valentine’s Day, your heart is still guaranteed to sink a little when thinking about Valentine’s Day 2021. This year’s day of love doesn’t come with the usual dinner dates, romantic strolls, or even booking a room at their favourite hotel. Despite all the disappointment around us, you don’t need to leave your significant other heart-broken this year… Because this year at NetFlorist, we are going to show you how to speak their love language. So, you can show them just how special they truly are even with so much happening around us.

Not familiar with love languages? Don’t despair! By the end of this post, you will be fluent in their love language and they will be falling head over heels for you!

We have created a fun and fabulous Love Language Quiz for you, so that you can pin point exactly how to pamper them to make Valentine’s Day 2021 unforgettable!


Are you surprised at the outcome or do you already speak their love language fluently?

If their love language is receiving gifts then dagnabbit this Valentine’s Day will be a breeze for you! This love language is exactly what it states. Your partner loves to receive gifts, and that doesn’t mean that they are materialistic, it is just an expression of how they receive love from you. And with a heart-throbbing range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her, you will be spoilt for choice this year. With sensual bath and body gifts, romantic personalised gourmet spoils, and even adorable acrylic blocks, your love will be gleaming with joy!

Looking for something a little more intimate? We’ve got you! Check out our raunchy Chocolate Bondage Gift, or Erotic Fortune Cookies, or even Sensual Massage Oil Set. Trust us, with these spoils the two of you won’t be able to stay 2 metres apart. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Oom Cyril.



This brings us to the next love language, physical touch. Physical touch can range from hand-holding, to playing footsies in bed, to wrapping their arms around you when you’re lying on the couch and anything in between. If your partner can’t seem to get their hands off of you, then why not turn the tables and spoil them with Your Hands on Me Massage Oil Set. Having your hands all over them is just the surprise that will leave them smitten. Or even the Still My Favourite Massage Oil Set will make sure that this Valentine’s Day is anything but a disappoint, if you know what we mean…

Words of affirmation is the next love language; this is part of loving them with your words. So, whether it’s just saying ‘I love you’, or expressing how much they mean to you with spoken word or even letter writing, this is one way that they will feel the love and adoration that you have for them. At NetFlorist we have some sentimental spoils that will affirm your love for them. Browse through personalised Valentine’s Day gifts such as fridge magnets, acrylic blocks, and even photo frames that you can add a special message too, that’ll remind them at any given time just how much they mean to you. There are even Personalised Letters To My Love Notebook for you to leave them tender-hearted affectionate letters filled with words of affirmation just for them!

Speaking of things you can do, acts of service is our fourth love language. This speaks to expressing your love and affection through acts such as cooking them dinner after a long day, doing the laundry without them asking, or even just a simple cup of coffee to greet them good morning. When your browse through Valentine’s Day gifts for her, you’ll find gifts that accompany many of the ways that you can communicate your affection. Browse personalised mugs so that you can make them their favourite beverage in their favourite mug, fluffy gowns that they can wear after you’ve filled the bath for them to have a relaxing soak after a long week, and even stunning casseroles to gift them, this one is a little controversial, because you’ll be using it to whip up their favourite meal on a Saturday afternoon. Or if you’re not sure which acts of service will rub them up the right way, why not spoil them with Personalised Love Coupons, that way they can redeem their love coupons whenever they’re in the mood (cough, cough).


Maybe they don’t want any of these things and all they require from you to let them know that they are loved is your time. This love language is quality time. And in this instance, gifts just won’t do. So where does that leave you this Valentine’s Day? Fear not my love-struck friend, because if quality time is their love language you can definitely speak it with a romantic picnic for 2 with one of our flavour-filled picnic baskets. Or take them on a weekend away for two, where you two can indulge in massages, and make treasured memories with our experience gifts that will leave them speechless.


Even though Valentine’s Day 2021 won’t be what the day of love usually is, you can still make it one for the books by speaking their love language. No matter what it is, you can still make their Valentine’s Day extra special and don’t forget the glorious red roses, chocolate truffle, and don’t forget the champagne, even if it sadly has to be non-alcoholic. So, whether you’re near them, or all you can do is a video call thanks to the lockdown, these heartfelt spoils are sure to leave them smitten!

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