What Your Favourite Music Genre Says About You!

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Can you imagine what life would sound like if there was no music? What if we were cast in a silent film and had to rely on big gestures and facial expressions to relay how we feel? Crazy right? Luckily, that’s not our reality. Whether it’s the bird’s cheerful chirps or body swaying jazz beats, we’re surrounded by sounds everywhere we go! You probably have music playing in the background right now whilst reading this! Sure, music can be a lifesaver for those moments when we need to zone out or want to dance our hearts out. But, have you ever wondered what your favourite music genre says about you or your loved one? Are they deep thinkers if they listen to classical music? Are they overly loud and dramatic if they listen to pop music? Let’s dive right in and see what their go-to genre says about them and what’s the best gift idea for music lovers!

Does Pop Music Make Their Heart Dance?

Can a day go by without you singing along to chart-topping tunes? Do they have the Bieber Fever and blast Justin’s music every chance they get? Whether or not they know the correct lyrics, they’re not afraid to sing at the top of their lungs. They’re probably the loudest when singing birthday songs too! This person must be super confident in who they are and are social butterflies. They enjoy hanging out with their BBFs and love making new friends whenever they’re at a concert! With a bubbly personality like that, it’s only fitting that you send a champagne gift or sparkling wine their way! Add a ‘pop’ of colour and spoil them with beautiful fresh flowers that come with balloons too. Now that’s a real party starter!

Are They All About Rock & Roll Music?

Is this person a pro at playing air guitar? Are posters of AC/DC and Queen plastered all over their bedroom walls? Can they re-enact the gorilla’s impressive drumming set from the Cadbury ad to a tee? Would you describe their fashion sense as edgy and organised chaos? They’re definitely easy-going and experimental. They’re not afraid of trying out new things and have no trouble expressing themselves (even if it means smashing a guitar or two.) While a trip to the tattoo parlour would be ideal, we have some ‘ink’-redibly cool T-shirt gifts for him! Gear him up in a personalised T-shirt that says,’ you rock!’. Or, bedazzle them in the finest and grungiest jewellery pieces we have to offer. If you want a ‘rock’-solid spoil for them, then a crate of beers will go down well! And if you want to appeal to their soft side, a juicy and sweet box of chocolate-dipped strawberries from our online bakery that delivers sameday will do the trick!


Does Jazz Music Move Their Soul?

Has there ever been a time when this person said, “they don’t make good music like back in the old days”? You often find them toe-tapping to the likes of Hugh Masekela, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong and Miriam Makeba with a whiskey glass in hand. To them, jazz music sounds crisper and feels more euphoric when it’s played on a record player. What does this music genre say about their personality? This type of listener is definitely a deep thinker and is very intuitive! They listen to jazz music to stimulate their brain and are creative individuals! A ‘crate’ gift for them would be a smooth bottle of whiskey and a bath and body gift set. These gifts will surely set the right mood and enhance their listening experience. Don’t forget to add in a personalised gown for those late Sunday afternoons when they feel like jiving to their favourite tunes!

What your favourite music genre says about you if you love jazz music?

Is Their Life All About Hip Hop Music?

If there’s one thing you instantly notice about this person, it’s their exceptional dress style! They have the latest kicks and sneakers and love piling on lots of shiny silver jewellery and watches! You always have to fight for their attention because they have Jay-Z, Mac Miller, or Nicki Minaj’s music playing on full blast through their headphones. If hip-hop music makes their hearts pop and lock, then they’re outspoken and extroverted people. They’re not afraid to speak their mind and love setting or following new trends! Give them some ‘hoods’ for thought and surprise them with a kick-ass personalised hoodie from NetFlorist’s online gift store that delivers nationwide. Better yet, help them get in ‘tune’ with their innermost feelings with our personalised headphones. Or, help them express themselves in the ‘write’ way with a stationery gift like a notebook. You can’t go wrong with sending a personalised watch box their way! It’ll be the perfect place to store all their precious jewels and chains.

. What does your favourite music genre say about you if you love hip-hop music?


And there you have it! Do you agree with what your music taste says about you or your loved one? Were we close or did we barely ‘scratch’ the surface? One thing we can all agree on is that our taste in music has a lot to say about our personality. It influences our fashion style, our attitude and the way we express ourselves. The different melodies influence our energies and the way we view life too. Hopefully, our track-‘list’ of personalised music gifts for your friend or loved one will help you to choose the pitch-perfect present for them!




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